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This Woman With Exceptional Powers Of Mind Can Grow A Plant From A Seed In 20 Minutes

And scientists witnessed this unbelievable phenomenon. There is no solid explanation on how exactly she does it, even though she did it repeatedly. Scientists have been studying human potential for decades already but its true power still is not completely revealed. While many give preference to material science, there is always a place for non material one, which shows up here and there all the time, leaving scientists and ordinary people bewildered. A great part of scientists emphasizes the importance of factors associated with consciousness and what kind of influence it might have on our physical material world. These extraordinary abilities have been demonstrated under controlled conditions. The best example would be Ingo Swann, who has his remote viewing abilities put under the study. Such human’s mind abilities have been a great interest to various governments, especially western intelligence agencies.

The most recent discovery was published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine. The woman with special abilities demonstrated how she can speed up the germination of specific seeds aiming to develop a more robust seed stock. Chulin Sun is a practitioner of Waiqi, which is a type of qigong where people are taught how to bring the qi energy of traditional Chinese medicine under the control of the mind. As a result Chulin Sun can accelerate the seed to grow shoots and root for several centimeters within 20 min using nothing but mentally projected qi energy. She has demonstrated the same phenomenon on 180 various occasions in various universities as well as science institutions in China and other countries. This remarkable ability attracted a great attention but the biological mechanisms of this phenomenon remain unclear.

It is truly remarkable and sounds unbelievable. Apparently, Chulin enters a deep trance state and from this condition she can advance the timing required for the seed to grow, which is usually 3-4 days and eliminate it up to 20 minutes instead.


source: collective-evolution

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