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What Existed Prior To The Big Bang?

What Existed Prior To The Big Bang?

It will really be interesting for the readers to know that scientists have claimed that they actually know what existed before the Big Bang actually happened. But, before the readers are enthusiastically involved in reading about the before of the same, it will be better to have some understanding with respect to the details of the Big Bang Theory.

What does The Big Bang Theory imply?

The Big Bang Theory is the simple explanation of how the universe began. In accordance with the theory, the universe initiated in a small singularity, after which it inflated! The inflation continued for almost 13.8 billion years and became the cosmos as is known today. The entire understanding of the theory is based on the mathematical theory and models.

So, the scientists believe in the fact that the Big Bang Theory did occur. However, they have not reached to a common conclusion as how it occurred.

The scientists basically believe in various types of theories:

  • Some scientists believe in the theory, that it was nothing but a black matter which unexpectedly exploded forward.
  • There are the scientists which rely on the fact that it came forward due to a black hole.
  • Another belief is that bursting out of a universe created another universe.

What is the recent revelation?

This revelation has been pursued by a group of mathematician from Canada and Egypt. In accordance with the revelation, the universe where the humans reside now is actually an expansion of another universe beyond.

  • The implication is that that the present universe was part of 4 phases.
  • The universe -is just one of the four phases.
origins-of-universe-god-science-367506-1According to Professor Mir Faizal the universe did not actually initiate with the Big Bang

Professor Mir Faizal reveals

In consonance with the Professor Mir Faizal, even the Big Bang theory was not the first phase. He says, that in the cosmological model, the universe did not actually initiate with the Big Bang. In fact, there was a phase transition from one phase of the universe to another. In order to understand the phase transition, the Professor gave the example of water, which exists in 3 different phases. So, just like there is able to gain understanding about the property of water, by studying ice, likewise the physics of the universe can render idea about the pre Big Bang cosmology.

With the aid of the model, they have been able to study the pre Big Bang state of the Universe. The equations in the model have an interesting prediction. The prediction states, that the universe will come to a halt. This in turn will be followed by a contracting phase.

Professor Mir further adds that when the equation is extrapolated, beyond the maximum rate of contraction, a cyclic universe scenario emerges. In accordance with him, singularities are not good in physics. Hence, the novel cosmological model does not accept the singularity.

However, it is still to be seen, what the other scientists and scientific community have to say about this. It will definitely not be easy to accept it. And yet again, it will open a new gateway for further analysis and findings.

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