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Video Claims To Show A Disc-Shaped Object Flying Over The Lunar Surface

Conspiracy theorists believe that they have spotted a UFO crossing the moon, which is yet more proof of extraterrestrial life.

Bizarre object appeared as the Miami Observatory in Florida streamed a live feed of the moon’s surface earlier this month.

The dark circle-shaped shadow is captured above the moon, sparking theories from a well-known UFO enthusiast that it is a craft created by an intelligent species.

Scott C Waring, from, said: “It’s not a man-made object, because there are not solar panel wings on it to gather energy.

“There are no antennas on it for transmitting, also the surface is not completely round, but has a rough edge to it.”

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, told MailOnline: ‘The object looks impressive but there are other explanations that might account for it. 

‘One possibility is that it is a satellite crossing the face of the moon. The high-magnification of the telescope focused on the lunar surface has made the object blurry and lacking detail. 

‘It might be an object in the Earth’s atmosphere, and in some instances dirt or insects very close to the astronomical instrument, or even inside it, can cause such images.’

black-object1-1Is this proof of alien life? UFO hunters are convinced this black object is NOT a shadow

Some UFO enthusiast on Youtube insists it was not an objected:  “I have come to these conclusions after multiple re-plays effected, I have seen that it does not maintain the form.

“For me it is the outskirts of a shadow. If this is so it is very possible that the object crossed between the Moon and the Sun projecting the shadow.”

black-object-ufo-1Scott C Waring, a well-known UFO enthusiast, wrote on his website: 'It's not a man-made object, because there are not solar panel wings on it to gather energy'

UFOs appearing on moon are favourite topic for conspiracy theorists. The video claimed to give a clear view of these spaceships going around and behind the lunar surface, which some think are stationed on the moon to protect it from humans – although it could be nothing more than an optical illusion. 


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