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Unsolved Mystery Of The 6,000 Year Old Inga Stone

The Unknown Secrets Of The Inga Stone

The Ingá Stone which is situated right in the center of the river Ingá located in the northeast region of Brazil is a great source of mystery. Various geometric shapes along with mysterious symbols and signs are engraved on it. The most astounding fact about these markings is that no one knows who made them. On the cave walls almost 497 signs and symbols are written one the stone. Though loads of speculations have been made about the origin but nobody so far has been able to solve the mystery of these markings on the Inga Stone.

According to the well-known Italian Brazilian archeologist Gabriele Baraldi who is also famously called the “last atlantologist”, American proto-Hittite controlled geothermal energy and apparently did hieroglyphics with mold by applying high mechanical and thermal stress on the rock from the lava conduit of an extinct volcano. Theses molds were created by applying large amounts if thermal and mechanical stresses on the cave walls by using an extinct volcano.

Various theories have been presented regarding Inga Stone. Some said the signs were carved by ancient Indian cultures. Others suggested it was done by an unknown ancient civilization that visited this region in the past. There are also those who think the carvings were made by extraterrestrials.


Located in the region of Paraíba, in northeastern Brazil, this stone is one of the most popular and impressive archeological monuments.

The Inga Stone is an archeological site which is filled with lots of very intriguing inscriptions on the rocks. The inscriptions are very extraordinarily complex and are present on a cliff which is having dimensions of 46m long by 3.8 m high.

 The engravings which are present on the walls contain a mixed array of signs and symbols. According to researcher Baraldi these signs and symbols signify some ancient technology which is unknown to us.  He also suggested that to create confusion the symbols were made upside down and in a coded format.

Baraldi considered these engravings as a proof of the presence of some unknown civilization in the region. He also drew comparison of the Inga wall inscriptions with the Mesopotamian drawings which were similar in shape and size.

After detailed study it was concluded that the signs and symbols written on the Inga cave wall depict the stories of a bygone era. It looks as if someone has tried to describe the culture and tradition of any ancient civilization which is similar to a book which printed on a wall.

The mysterious inscriptions on the Ingá Stone unfortunately have left behind more questions rather than answers.

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