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Ufology And Conspiracy Meets Spirituality And Consciousness in Manchester

Bowlers in Manchester hosted the biggest of its kind, UFO Convention on 4th March 2017. This weekend conference addressed to some of the most interesting topics such as UFOs, the truth behind aliens, and conscious life. One of the most searched topics on the internet today is undoubtedly about aliens. Everyone who had a curious cat inside them, wanting to know more about this niche, attended the conference.


What was the UFO Convention All About?

Awakening, as they named the expo, focused on some unanswered questions related to life. The key focus areas were UFOs and conscious life. Awakening acted as an event and a safe meeting place for like minded people to connect and share their thoughts. This expo had some amazing and renowned spiritual speakers to share their enriching experience and knowledge.

Awakening also had a panel of holistic healers, ready to listen to people and help them in their mental and physical issues. For people who were not aware of Reiki and crystal healing, this expo proved to be very helpful.



At The Event

Awakening, the event that took place on Saturday, 4th March, was packed of exploration where UFOlogy and Conspiracy, met Spirituality and Consciousness. The event had its doors open for all kind of people, old to young, modern to traditional and from across the world. One thing common in all of them was their deep interest in the topic that Awakening covered.

Along with the guest speakers, the event also had animatronic prop builds, exhibits, holistic treatments, workshops, merchandise stalls, organic food and much more. The prop builds at the event such as a full size alien spacecraft, live F.B.I alien interrogation interview, examples of alien species, the most famous alien space bar in the universe “The Cantina”, and the much admired movie icon ET, added all the more charm.

Guest Speakers

The most renowned guest speakers from across the globe were invited to speak at the event. This list included the very famous Erich Von Daniken and Linda Moulton Howe, also Alan Foster, Gary Heseltine, Maria Wheatley, Stephen Mera and many others.

17097145_10154944712192976_2565929018571517740_oErich Von Daniken at UFO & Conscious Life Expo Manchester 2017
17097526_10154944712277976_435439992563088220_o-1Erich Von Daniken at UFO & Conscious Life Expo Manchester 2017
17097545_10154944712307976_7169209317988753970_o-1Erich Von Daniken, Linda Moulton Howe and Stephen Mera at UFO & Conscious Life Expo Manchester 2017

You can find more information about the event: Awakening official website, Facebook page

Images ©  Awakening

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