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UFO Is Spotted Hurtling Past International Space Station As Nasa Cuts Live Feed

A fast moving object was spotted flying by the International Space Station moments before live-stream was cut off by NASA. Thanks to the user ColdPyro, a short footage from the ISS Channel was uploaded to YouTube where you can definitely see a white speck emerging from the darkness just above Earth’s horizon. Unfortunately the feed is cut exactly before the UFO travels out of view.

In spite of many don’t notice anything special, the UFO hunters claim that “amazing footage” shows the mysterious spacecraft. The mysterious object can be seen for a moment only, it shows up around 5 second mark and disappears two seconds later.

alien-UFO-2image source (Image Source)

A blue screen follows this, and then a statement:

‘Please stand by. The High Definition Earth Viewing experiment is either switching cameras, or we are experiencing a temporary loss of signal with the International Space Station.’

Within last few months some footages were revealed showing a strange light captured in the live-stream sparkling with blue light. While it isn’t always possible to determine exactly what these objects are during the brief period they appear in the stream, there are a number possible explanations for these types of sightings.

In the past, a Nasa spokesperson has explained, ‘Reflections from station windows, the spacecraft structure itself or lights from Earth commonly appear as artefacts in photos and videos from the orbiting laboratory.’

source: dailymail

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