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Trench Digging VW Beetles – Designed By The CIA To Spy On The Soviets

Trench Digging VW Beetles - Designed By The CIA To Spy On The Soviets

Since, this entire blog centers on the need of equipment for the Cold War, hence, it would be worth to do a little background check.

The Cold War

The control center of the Cold War was ascertained to be back in the 1950s as the divided city of Berlin. This was exactly in the segregated country of Germany.

  • Since, the topic is Wars the readers can definitely interpret the significance of East and West sides spying of Berlin.
  • The physical wiretaps were considered the finest ways to avail the information secretly.
Trench Digging VW Beetles - Designed By The CIA To Spy On The SovietsThe Cold War is the name given to the relationship that developed primarily between the USA and the USSR after World War Two. The "Big Three" Allied leaders at Yalta: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (left), U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (center), and Soviet First Secretary Joseph Stalin (right)

How was tapping wire persuaded?

In the process of tapping wire, a physical accessibility of the actual information was needful. The physical information instrument could be a telephone, a telex or a similar gadget. And, then it was required by the information seeker to run their own cables from them to a confluence point which would be in your control. Here again, two aspects are of immense significance:

  • Overhead lines are well guarded; hence, getting access from them seemed near to impossible.
  • The option left was underground lines. However, these lines meant more noise, more noticing and more difficulty in getting to them.

The solution

Yeah! The first thing which comes in the mind is digging a big (like really massive!) tunnel. This was similar to as pursued by the U.S. and its allies. However, the Soviet knew about it all the way back in 1956.

A better solution

Well, who else but the CIA concluded on a better solution! This was exactly the aim of the CIA’s trench digging Beetle plans.

From the above the entire information has been available.

  • The document dates back to1957.
  • The major aim of Task I was to develop a portable trench digging machine that had the capability to dig a narrow trench, 3 feet deep. This in turn could allow for the cable to be quickly allocated in the ground.

Trench Digging VW Beetles - Designed By The CIA To Spy On The Soviets

  • For the purpose a gasoline-powered machine seemed good, however, it was too loud and obvious for the secret task.
  • Then, electric motors were evaluated; however, they too required something to provide them with power.
  • This is when the CIA, as smart and intelligent as they have always been, concluded to cars.
  • In Germany, that one car which would go un-noticed was a Volkswagen.
  • Indeed, a Beetle idling by the side of the road could not have asked for any attention.
  • And, it was this Beetle, which would be generating power of 250 lbs, cabling and trenching the rig as well.
  • 6 months were kept just to obtain the VW.
  • The cost of the entire project was back then $25,015 which for the present has been ascertained as above $200,000.
  • From another document named VOLKSWAGEN AND TRENCHER EQUIPMENT it seemed that this entire project did actually happen. It is because in this document, there is provided with detailed instruction on the way to use the Beetle.

Trench Digging VW Beetles - Designed By The CIA To Spy On The Soviets

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