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Truth Revealed: Father Crespi’s Mysterious Collection

Truth Revealed: Father Crespi’s Mysterious Collection

Even a little parchment of paper with inscriptions of the civilization that existed once is valuable! What will you say for a collection of awesome artifacts, depictions of amazing figures which associate America to Sumeria, loads of gold, symbols which instigate to an unknown language, more than 50,000 objects! Yeah! This is exactly the account of Father Crespi collection. Before going into the detail of the same, the researches and the revelation, it will be worthy to get some knowledge about how he received such valuable artifacts!

Milan, Italy was the birthplace of Father Carlos Crespi Croci. His birth year was 1891 and death year 1982. A Salesian monk that he was, he dedicated his life to saying prayers and pursuing charity work. He resided in a small town of Cuenca in Ecuador. A multi talented personality, he had and he was always associated with missionary work in Ecuador. The native inhabitants and the tribes of the region as a gesture of thanks gave him ancient artifacts.

Truth Revealed: Father Crespi’s Mysterious Collection

It is these artifacts which have been associated with having similarities to the civilization of the East. Some years later, Father Crespi opened a museum in associated with the Vatican in the Salesian School in Cuenca, which was one of the largest museums in Ecuador. After some time, however, the museum was burnt down. There have been rumors that the artifacts were destroyed and also that after the demise of Father Crespi, they were shipped to the Vatican.

Truth Revealed: Father Crespi’s Mysterious Collection

The researchers, historians and the analysts have been working for years to find out the age and origin of the items gifted to the humble priest.

The controversy

Then, came the book ‘Gold of the Gods’ which claimed the presence of a metallic library and golden artifacts which were possessed by the priest! In accordance with the Erich von Daniken, the author, the artifacts were fabricated by a lost civilization and extraterrestrial beings. It was also said in the book that the Metal library has thousands of books, with metallic pages and inscriptions, symbols and designs.

Truth Revealed: Father Crespi’s Mysterious Collection

Truth Revealed: Father Crespi’s Mysterious Collection

In this context Hugh Newman, Dr Ioannis Syrigos and Jim Vieira have pursued considerable research. It will be worth to throw light on their effort and the exploration:

    • The first step for finding the truth was the Maria Auxiliadora Church, where Father Crespi spent maximum time. Through this place, the researchers were met by Dr. Luis Alvarez. It was he who arranged their visit to the collection of the Father at the Central Bank of Ecuador. The collection inculcated amazing artifacts, weapons, ceramic jewelry, religious icons, and the like. However, no metal plates.
    • When asked about the metal plate they were told that those were just pieces of junk. However, the researchers wanted to see for themselves!
    • The metallic plate was indeed not made of gold. In fact, they resembled modern day carvings on the cheap metal sheet.

Hence, the truth revealed inculcates:

  • The Father Crespi collection was purchased by the Central Bank of Ecuador and is stored in the museum there.
  • The collection inculcates authentic and precious artifacts.
  • Metallic library is suspected to be a hoax.

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