The Gate Of The Gods – The Hidden Secrets And Legends

The Gate Of The Gods - The Hidden Secrets And Legends

God is the Creator of Universe. He is the Master of the Universe. There is the lore which instigates on the fact that someday Gods will return to the Earth. Every time there has been enough speculation with regards to the same. In fact, there has also been mention of the doors of the Heaven. Or, the door which will be the entry gateway of Gods, back to Earth to bless their followers!

A very similar reference to the same has been found through researchers. It is nestled in close vicinity to the region of Hayu Brand which is 35 km from the city of Puno in Peru. It is fondly called the “Gate of the Gods”.

Here are some interesting aspects about the place:

1. In accordance with the localities the city is considered as the “city of the Gods”.

2. Researchers believe that even when many numbers of monuments have been discovered, there are still many which stay embedded in the Earth’s crust.

3. In fact, the discovery of the Gate too has an interesting story. There was a local guide Jose Luis Delgado Mamani who used to hike in the surrounding area. It was he who stated later that he had in many instances dreamt of this structure, which appeared like a door with pink marble. The gate is also adorned in his dreams with many figures on the side. He later discovered this Gate. In consonance with the legends this had a close resemblance with the Gate of the Gods. The localities also mention that many heroes have crossed the gate to enjoy a happily-ever-after-afterlife.

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4. There is another legend in this context. At the era of the Spanish conquest, the Incan priest, Amaru Maru flew from the temple of the seven rays with a golden disk. It was this Golden disk which was known as the sacred key to the Gods of the seven rays. Since, the priest was afraid that the Spanish might take the disk from him; he hid it into the mountains of Hayu Brand. This priest when reaches the Gates of the Gods showed the key to other priests and magicians of the region. When they performed the ritual a door opened with blue light thrown out. It was then, that the priest handed the disk to the others, and entered the door. He was never seen again. Researchers have indeed witnessed a circular shaped depression at the side of the door, which indicates the truth behind the story.

5. Again, the visitors who have visited this place have described strange visions and immense positive energy here.

6. Another fascinating aspect is that the Gate of the Gods of Peru is very similar to the Puerta del Sol De Tiwanaku and five other archeological significant sites in the region. In fact, if you are to draw straight lines between all these archeological sites, you will witness a strange cross that joins at the center of the plateau of Lake Titicaca-the most sacred place in the region.

The Gate Of The Gods - The Hidden Secrets And LegendsPuerta del Sol De Tiwanaku, Gateway of the Sun from the Tiwanku civilization in Bolivia

Indeed, the theories and the legends incite fascination and an urge to know more!

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