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The Acambaro Figurines – Authentic Or Not

The Acambaro Figurines- Authentic Or Not

Dinosaurs existed millions of years ago. And, then something happened which ensured the wiping of the entire species. It is said that dinosaurs roamed in Earth, between the era of 220 million and 65 million years. It was the Mesozoic era. The Homo sapiens appeared some 200,000 years ago. This is what scientific community believes and is led to believe.

However, discoveries, analysis and novel researches have their special way of astounding the community. This time it has been pursued by the discovery of Acambaro figurine, which show that humanity and dinosaur coexisted on Earth.

Who discovered Acambaro figurines?

In 1944 Waldemar Julsrud, a German merchant discovered them quite accidentally.

  • The discovery took place in Acambaro, a Mexican town in the province of Guananjuato.
  • When he was horse riding with his employee, Odilon Tinajero he was allured to a piece of pottery peeping out of the ground.
  • It was terracotta figurine, but was way disparate from the ones he had seen in the past.
  • This is when he ordered Tinajero to dig up the place, to find similar pieces. And so he did, leading to dozens of strange artifacts.
  • Julsrud was stunned with the discovery. The style and the diversity of figurines surprised him.
  • So, he made a deal with Tinajero. 1 peso would be paid to him of each intact artifact and no money for the broken figurines.
  • This in turn led to a discovery of figurines in groups of 20 to 40.
  • More than 33,500 objects of ceramic, stone, jade and obsidian were found, each of them were different.
  • Their size varied from a few cm to less than a meter.
1280px-acambaro080407025The Acámbaro figures are about 33,000 small ceramic figurines allegedly found by Waldemar Julsrud in July 1944, in the Mexican city of Acámbaro, Guanajuato.

Now, Mr. Julsrud had not pursued this excavation as a part of business. In fact, all the desired was to protect the heritage.

Did the scientific community accept the discovery?

Well, the scientific community did not accept the discovery. The discovery represented dinosaurs, reptiles, unknown animals with avian features, and even domestication of reptiles, large size monkeys which did not go well with the scientists. Because, the main fact was that how could dinosaur and human ever coexisted in the past!

humanoid-animalA few humanoid-animal combination figures.

However, there was one scientist, who got interested in the discovery- Charles Hapgood, University of New Hampshire. He took a trip to the place. He brought back many artifacts to analyze and study. The latest in technology indicated that the figurines dated between 1100 and 4500 BC. This was pursued in 1968. Again, in 1972 with the aid of thermo luminescence dating method, University of Pennsylvania pursued on 2 figurines. And, it again indicated it to be around 2,500 BC.

flying-saucer‘Flying Saucer’ and humanoid figurines from the Acámbaro collection.
figurines-reptilesSome of figurines which look like reptiles or sea creatures.

However, the mainstream dogma states that dinosaurs disappeared around 65 million years ago. Hence, once again the discovery was denied to be authentic.

There are archeologists which feel, that it to be truth. However, with the lack of evidence of how humans and dinosaurs coexisted, there are more which do not believe in the same.

The dilemma with regards to the figurines continues till date! And, there are many such discoveries which ensure to incite more queries with regards to the past.

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  • Thank you for sharing this article. I saw the collection about six years ago. Many people focus on the dinosaur figures, however, there are a number of interesting Egyptian and Sumerian looking figurines. Based upon what I have read about them and have seen them with my own eyes, I think some of the figures are authentic and some are fake. I would like to see more research done on these artifacts. Who knows, maybe some of these figurines served as a library of sorts for some unrecognized civilization. There is still so much we do not know about ancient peoples, and there is some tangible evidence that there were at least some ancient groups that likely traveled all over the world.

    • Thank you for your comment! Not many people have seen these artifacts with their own eyes, and you say ‘who knows’…