The 7 Most Powerful Secret Societies In History

The 7 Most Powerful Secret Societies In History

Secret societies are clubs or organizations whose activities, events, and inner functioning are concealed from non-members.

Through history there have been many secret societies and conspiracy theories about those groups. These societies have existed since long and influenced the whole world. However, their popularity took a peak mainly in the 18th and 19th century. Secret societies still exist today, but the advent of the Internet has made real secrets much harder to keep.

This is a list of 7 of the most famous and popular secret societies or alleged secret societies. Some emerged from colleges, and other, through the regional and political influences.

1 – Skull and Bones

The 7 Most Powerful Secret Societies In HistoryLeft:Members of Skull and Bones Right:The Skull and Bones logo

The oldest known secret society in the United States is Skull and Bones. William H Russel formed the society in Yale University and it was formerly known as Eulogian Club. This society boasts of having at least three heads of the state, as its members. The society apparently meets twice a week for rituals concerning Masonic rites.

2 – Rosicrucians

The 7 Most Powerful Secret Societies In HistoryRosicrucian symbols from the 16th and17th

Christian Rosenkreutz formed a Rosicrucians in the fifteenth century. People claim that Rosicrucians used occult practices, with an intent to transform the world and bring about a global change. Apparently, the Rosicrucians formed the other secret organisations like Freemasons and Illuminati.

3 – Freemasons

Top 7 Secret Societies That You Might Not KnowKing George IV with Scottish Freemasons

The Freemasons, is still in existence and the general public is aware of their existence. It is probably the longest lasting secret societies. Comparatively smaller groups got together in London in 1717 to form the Freemasons. Its handshakes, secret codes and hierarchies are things that most modern organisations take a cue from.

4 – Illuminati

The 7 Most Powerful Secret Societies In HistoryMany members of the music industry are rumoured to be Illuminati members

There is no evidence of the existence of Illuminati in this generation but allegedly it is a branch of the Freemasons. It broke away with the Freemasons to form a separate entity and carry out all the conspiracies. Many conspiracy theorists point towards Illuminati agendas for things such as economic slowdown and mysteries. Some people believe that this society still exists and is regulating the main actions of the governments of the world.

5 – The Elders of Zion

Top 7 Secret Societies You Might Not Know

Henry Ford ran a series of articles namely The Protocols of The Elders of Zion, in his newspaper in 1920. This was nothing but a hoax. The book titled ‘The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem’ comprises all those articles, which Adolf Hilter also took cues from.

6 – Bilderberg

Top 7 Secret Societies You Might Not KnowBilderberg Conference in Netherlands

The Bilderberg group is way different from the others. It does not involve any membership and hierarchy. This group involves highly influential people that meet secretly and discuss upon secret agendas. The meetings happen anywhere in the world, mostly in the five star hotels and under a strict military security. The attendance to these meetings is based on invitation only. Many conspiracy theorists worry about the discussions in the meetings, as the people involved are highly influential.

7 – The Knights Templar

Top 7 Secret Societies You Might Not KnowMedals of the Knight of the Templars

Nine knights formed a group The Knights Templar, in the medieval age. They formed this group with an intent to protect the pilgrims that travel through the holy land. The organisation kept growing as more and more knights kept joining the group. This way, the society started gaining wealth, fame, and power. Their influence spread and they became the funders of many other smaller societies, formed to guard the Christian treasures. But, the members of this society were unfortunately executed.

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