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The 5 Weirdest Disappearances In History That Nobody Can Explain

5 Most Creepy And Unsolved Disappearances That Are Unexplainable

“We are not lonely, because we chose to be alone.
We are not lost, because we chose to disappear.”

 Steve Wilson 

When a person or even group of people vanish, the curiosity and mystery surrounding their disappearance makes you wonder what really happened. A small percentage of those who disappear may have deliberately chosen this path for their own reasons, such as starting a new life someplace where no one knows them. Another small number may have been murdered or died accidentally, and nobody was there to witness and report the event because the circumstances were so unusual. There’s also a respectable number of totally bizarre disappearances cases in the history and no logical explanation has been found for this occurrence.

Here is a list of five such unsolved and creepy mysteries:

1 – The Sodder Children

The Sodder family was asleep in their Fayetteville, West Virginia home, on Christmas Eve 1945,  when a fire erupted, trapping five of the ten Sodder kids upstairs and apparently killing them, as claimed by the firefighters. But what was weird was, there were no bones found of any of the kids. This prompt George and Jenny Sodder to wonder if their kids were still alive. Also, when they tried to start their truck, it did not start and their telephone lines were apparently cut.

Alleged 1967 photograph of Louis Sodder

They both also remembered that two strangers visited them before the fire, and making eerie remarks about their house burning down and their kids dying, one of which, posed as an insurance salesman, later serving on the coroner’s jury that deemed the Sodder fire an accident. The Sodders later found a weird napalm bomb like object and some people claimed to see their kids with a group of Italian-looking men and women. 20 years later, Jennie Sodder received a photograph in mail, supposedly showing one of her now-grown missing sons. The mystery is still unsolved.

2 – The “Ghost Blimp” Crew

The U.S. Navy blimp L-8 over the aircraft carrier

It is one of the strangest mysteries of World War II, and has earned the name of ‘Ghost Blimp’. Lieutenant Ernest Cody and Ensign Charles Adams, on August 16, 1942 disappeared without a trace from inside their completely undamaged L-8 airship, while on a blimp patrol duty. Their L-8 was spotted over Daly City, where, after sideswiping a few houses, it came crashing down, shortly after the two sailors radioed in about an oil spill that they were going to investigate.

The bystanders rushed to the cockpit only to find no one and there were no signs of struggle, except for a few absent life jackets and the door being stuck open. Some suspect that the Japanese might have captured Cody and Adams after they descended to inspect the oil spill, but no one knows what actually happened.

3 – Ben Padilla and an Entire Boeing 727

The Boeing 727-200

Boeing 727, got refurbished under the supervision of Padilla, an American pilot and aircraft mechanic, it made a sudden unauthorized takeoff, with no communication with the tower, during a routine engine test. It apparently carried containers filled with thousands of gallons of diesel fuel, but there has been no trace of it, till yet.

Investigators speculated that Padilla and John Mikel Mutantu, would have taken it to some drunken joyride, but Padilla was not skilled to fly 727, and Mutantu did not have any flying experience at all. Another theory speculated that 727’s owners decided to make the aircraft disappear to collect the insurance money. Even more stranger was the fact that FBI abruptly closed the case in 2005 without any explanation.

4 – The Flannan Isles Lighthouse Keepers

St. Flannan's Cell and Flannan Isles Lighthouse (Image Source)

A lighthouse was built on the Flannan Isles so that Scottish ships could safely navigate the treacherous North Atlantic waters to all the corners of the world. In December 1900, a three man crew, Thomas Marshall, James Ducat, and Donald MacArthur, running the lighthouse, never made it out of there, alive.

Few days after a major storm hit the isle, a team soon arrived at the locked lighthouse to find unmade beds and an untouched meal on the table. May be the storm could have caught them outside, but they had eateries in the log book, after the weather had cleared. The waves also could not have swallowed them all at once, because, according to the rule, the lighthouse can never be left unmanned. Plus, even if they went out, why did they lock it?

5 – Zebb Quinn

Zebb Quinn was meeting his friend Robert Jason Owens when he suddenly received an urgent page, and rushed to the phone booth. When he returned a few minutes later, and allegedly rear-ended Owens’ truck before driving away, he was never seen after that. Few days later, Owens was caught calling in behalf of Quinn to which, he explained that Quinn had asked him to called in sick to work.

Weirdly, Owens received treatment for broken ribs and a head injury the morning after Quinn’s disappearance and alleged that it was caused by an unrelated fender bender, and refused to co-operate with the police. Soon it was discovered that Quinn had been showing romantic interest in a woman named Misty Taylor, who had a jealous, physically abusive boyfriend and Quinn received the page that came from his aunt, before vanishing, who claims she wasn’t home at the time. Two weeks after Quinn’s disappearance, his car was found abandoned with stuff that did not belong to him and a three-month-old Labrador puppy. He still remains missing and is presumably dead.

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