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Ten Mysterious People Who Never Been Identified

Ten Mysterious People Who Never Been Identified

The history is loaded with the stories of people who have disappeared without a single trace, but even more weird when somebody’s true identity failed to be specified. There are strangers who have stepped out of the air from another place, perhaps even another time or reality. Let have a look at the bizarre world of mysterious individuals who have been never identified.

1. Neil Dovestone

On the last day of his life December, 11, 2015 people from the Clarence Pub in Greenfield, England, remembered him as an elderly man asking the fastest way route to get the top of the mountain in the Peak District National Park and surely not dressed for such a trip. The following day he was found dead and as the investigation showed he died from strychnine.

There was nothing with him what could help the police to identify the body except £130 in cash, some train tickets and an empty bottle of thyroxine sodium, specifically manufactured in and distributed Pakistan.

As he was last seen near the Dovestone Reservoir, he was named Neil Dovestone.

2. Julie Doe

Forensic reconstruction of an unidentified transgender woman discovered in Florida in 1988. (Image Source)

On September 25, 1988 a decomposed body was founded in a forest area in Lake County, Florida. The investigators first thought they found a female body with breath implants. The reason of her death was unknown.

The turn up point in the investigation was when DNA test determined victim’s sex as male! In fact the victim was transgender and was given a name Julie Doe. Most likely she was undergoing sex-changing surgery at that time what was very uncommon for 80s. That’s why she was identified as female. Her true identity is not specified yet.

3. Allen

In 1976-1977 Oakland County, Michigan, was terrorized by “The Oakland County Child Killer” who kidnapped and killed four children.

Once man “Allen” by name contacted psychiatrist Bruce Danto and claimed himself as the killer’s roommate. He informed killer’s name, Frank, and was ready to provide photo evidence in exchange for immunity. He agreed to meet psychiatrist at a local gar bar. Danto was wired and followed by an undercover cop named Jerry Tobias. Unknown to Danto, Tobias was approached by a man offering to buy him a drink. Tobias thought the man was trying to hit on him. So Tobias blew the man off, and the man left.

Since Allen did not show up, it’s been speculated that he was the unidentified man. Allen was never heard from again.

4. The Teardrop Rapist

The most recently released composite of the Teardrop Rapist. August 2002. FBI (Image Source)

For two decades Los Angeles was horrified by 39 sexual crimes committed by a Latino. He was named as the “teardrop rapist” as the victims described a teardrop tattoo near his left eye.

He followed a six-year period of silence from 2005 to 2010 after his first known assault happened in 1995. However, the DNA proof connected him with three more on-falls in 2011 and 2013.

Unfortunately an innocent man was put to prison for some of the teardrop rapist’s crimes. In 1999 Luis Lorenzo got a life imprisonment for three sexual assaults but kept on stand his innocence. When in November 2015, the DNA testing showed that one of Varga’s expected attacks was committed by a teardrop rapist, he was released from prison. The teardrop rapist has not been identified yet.

5. The Highway 401 Passenger

On April 22, 2004 a Toyota Corolla cut back of a Purolator track on Highway 401 near Toronto and burst into fire. The driver, Suimi Habteab, managed to escape but the body of the female passenger was burnt beyond recognition. Habteab claimed it was his wife. However the investigators came to a conclusion that such a minor car accident couldn’t provoke a vehicle bursting. Habteab crashed his car into the track on purpose. It appeared he was also a former Purolator driver and was at a suit with the company.

At the detailed examination it was found out that Toyota was doused with gasoline inside and the victim had been dead before the accident. Habteab was accused of arson and murder. The investigators found no paper indicating Habteab was married, so he started giving another name for the woman, however no record has been found for her too. So, the victim is not identified yet.

6. Bo Weavil Jackson

It is surprising how a musician can record two albums, give his name and then just fade away! In 1926 Bo African-American blues singer and guitarist Bo Weavil Jackson came got his blues album released within Paramount Records. Soon Vocalion Records released another blues album of the same man, however this time he used the name “Sam Butler”. It was the last time anyone ever heard from him.

In general Jackson recorded 13 tracks and got praised by blues historians. Unfortunately there is no other documental proof of his life and music.

7. Johnny Lee Mills

In 1990 St, Louis police took a teenage boy, he was old enough to say his name, however it was never mentioned in the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Johnny Lee Mills, as the 13-year-old boy called himself, was brought to a children’s shelter in Maryland Heights, Missouri before he safely ran away again. The investigators had no choice but to close the case since the any identity details were missing. To this day, no one knows what happened to Johnny Lee Mills.

8. The Unknown Sailor In The Netherlands

On July 16, 1995 the body of a man was found washed ashore on an uninhabited island on the northern coast of the Netherlands just where a few weeks before the remains of a wooden yacht had washed up too. Except the remains a few other items washed up on an island too: a sail with initial “HB” most likely standing for the Herne Bay sailing club in England and a Seiko wristwatch sold in Sweden with the number “553978”. Yet they did give a chance to the investigators to identify the body.

9. The Wheaton Bandit

In January, 2002 a masked man armed with a semiautomatic handgun started robbing banks in Wheaton, Illinois, not far from Chicago. The felon hit seven banks in the surrounding area and was nicknamed the “Wheaton Bandit”.

He expanded the robbing area and in general he robbed 16 banks and credit unions and got away with over $100,000. His last known robbery happened on December 7, 2006. Since that time he never showed up again though a $50,000 reward was appointed for his capture. As the five-year statute of limitations has run out, he can be no longer prosecuted for any of his crimes.

10. San Angelo John Doe

On March 31, 2005, an elderly man came into the shop and suddenly went dead of a heart attack. The identification card showed the name of “Roger Smith” but it was fake. The investigation found out that he had had three other false identities and had deliberately damaged his fingerprints. So, he was suspected of committing some crimes. Facial recognition experts assumed he was the wanted Australian fugitive Elmer Crawford who disappeared after killing his wife and three children in 1970 but the DAN test excluded this possibility.  For now this man is known as “San Angelo John Doe”.

source: listverse

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