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Stephen Hawking Warns People Not To Contact The Alien Beings

The scientist has suggested that alien life does exist and warns people not to try to get in contact with them. According to the leading scientist, in the universe with 100 billion galaxies each containing hundreds of millions of stars, it is extremely hard to believe that earth is the only place where life has evolved. Hawking admits that just numbers alone make him think that aliens are perfectly rational. The other question is what they might be like. Maybe they are just microbes, like worms who have been on earth for millions of years but he is more likely to believe that extraterrestrial life could develop much further.

Hawkins says that people just need to look at themselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something, we wouldn’t really like to meet. Scientist imagines them existing in massive ships, having used all the resources from their own planet. Such kind of aliens for sure would look to conquer and colonize whatever planet they can reach.
But one thing Hawkins says for sure – contacting alien life might put a spell disaster for the human race.


source: telegraph

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