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Stephen Hawking Claims Black Holes Are Pathway To Reach Another Universe

Stephen Hawking Claims Black Holes Are Pathway To Reach Another Universe

A dark gap or Black hole is formed when an extensive star begins coming up that is short on fuel and starts to fall under its own gravity. Such a star often turns into a white smaller or a neutron star, however if the star is adequately enormous then it might keep contracting inevitably to the extent of a little particle, known as a gravitational peculiarity. A dark gap alludes to the area in space in which the peculiarity’s gravitational force is strong to the point that not by any means light can get away from its attraction.

One of the best scientists of the world and arguably the smartest human alive Stephen Hawking proposed a new theory. The theory contradicted the age old notion that nothing can escape a black hole and came up with a conclusion that humans can go through them. According to Hawking, the space travellers who escape a black hole won’t reach their own universe though. He stated in a scientists meet in Stockholm that they will reach another universe rather than their own. In fact the reality is that black holes are not “black” as perceived by most people across the world. The new theory described that black holes could be the pathway to reach an alternative universe which cannot be reached by any path else.

Stephen Hawking Claims Black Holes Are Pathway To Reach Another UniverseHumans could escape from black holes, rather than getting stuck in them, according to a new theory proposed by Stephen Hawking.

“The existence of alternative histories with black holes suggests this might be possible,” reports from the Stockholm University suggested that, Hawking stated, “The hole would need to be large and if it was rotating it might have a passage to another universe. But you couldn’t come back to our universe. So although I’m keen on space flight, I’m not going to try that. ”Hawking proposed this new theory to try and solve the question which has left physicists baffled since decades, the answer to what happen when things go beyond every limit which is present that is when even light cannot return. According to the scientists, it is required that the entire information regarding the object has been stored even if the object under consideration is lost in the black hole. This paradox of black hole theory has left scientists clueless for many long years.

Stephen Hawking Claims Black Holes Are Pathway To Reach Another UniverseWormhole travel as envisioned by Les Bossinas for NASA

Stephen Hawking, the genius  has come up the logic that the entire information needs to be store on the boundary, at the location of the event. This results in the event where the object does to get the opportunity to reach the black hole as a result of which it never needs to make its way out also.

This meant that in an event where a human falls into the black hole, he won’t be lost forever. They would end up being either a “hologram” located on the edge of the black hole, or end up falling someplace else.

“If you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up,” at the very end of his speech Hawking said, “There’s a way out.”

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