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September 1977 Did Witness A UFO Invasion

September 1977 Did Witness A UFO Invasion

Indeed, if you are to believe the statements and proofs, Command Sergeant Major James Norton has put up; September 1977 witnessed a UFO invasion.

The night of September 1977

But, before going into the proof the Sergeant has, it will be worth to picture the night of September 1977:

There was to be pursued Joint Attack Weapons System Test at Fort Benning Georgia.

Commander Sergeant was back then a Buck sergeant.

He was sent to the range a day before midnight.

There were 1200 to 1300 troops to pursue live fire with the new weapons system.

The people in the range also included the Secretary of the Army.

In accordance with Commander, when they initiated, live fire training, the night sky above them was lit up with large orbs.

In a few moments, the night sky was filled with laser crisscrossing.

Military helicopters appeared.

The explosion was also heard.

Orbs in the sky were witnessed changing colors.

A triangle shaped UFO was seen.

This incident changed the life of many soldiers. However, the soldiers were briefed that they are not allowed to ever disclose this information, which will otherwise mean court Marshall for them.

September 1977 Did Witness A UFO InvasionAccording to Command Sergeant Major James Norton a triangle shaped UFO was seen the night of September 1977

What was Norton’s experience?

Norton gradually received his medical records, which indicated that the origin of his illness could not be found out.

His temperate was 104. And, in order to bring his temperature down, he had to be placed in a steel tub of iced water for 2 days.

According to experts he had a memory lapse, he simply could not remember anything. He experienced time disorientation after found himself in the woods.

Later, it was during a hypnosis session, he learned, that he was abducted and taken elsewhere. Medical experiments were conducted on him. Samples were also taken from his body.

What are the proofs Norton has?

Norton possesses a metallic piece which he had picked from the crash site. The metallic piece has the following properties:

    • It has or had strange hieroglyphics.
    • It cannot be burned.
    • It cannot be cut.
    • If you are to bend it, it will regain its original shape.

He was also burned with the aid of some mystical red substance.

  • He has some night vision footage as well.
  • This footage inculcates the UFOs in their disparate colors.
  • This includes-
  1. UFO travelling in just 2 seconds from one horizon to another.
  2. Triangle shaped UFO hovering over the base, without any sort of sound.

Now, Norton is ready to show these pieces of evidence to UFologists. With the solid proofs he has, the claims seem very much true.

In fact, in the same context, there is another impactful proof. That night, some military helicopters were also shot down. However, neither of them has been reported to the FAA.

Presently, Norton is at Fort McClellan, Alabama.

This does imply immense of unfurling soon to be experienced regarding UFOs and Aliens.

John Vasquez, CO-Author of ‘Incident at Fort Benning’ recounts his experience as a soldier at Fort Benning in down below video :

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