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Russian Scientist Found To Be Early Soviet Ancient Astronaut Theorist

Russian Scientist Found To Be Early Soviet Ancient Astronaut Theorist

Recent discoveries suggest that some of ancient civilisations possibly have been existed thousands of years ago on the territory of the most rugged terrain on Earth – Russia.

It is also the home of ‘cosmism’ – a belief that human civilization originated in the cosmos and is destined to return to space. But many believe the rise of communism led to a wall of secrecy surrounding ancient and modern extraterrestrial contact in Russia.

One remarkable Soviet scientist found to be UFO and ancient aliens researcher and  supposedly investigated ancient astronauts in the 1920s and 1930s before being imprisoned in a Stalinist labour camp as a result of his work. According to the story, published in a Russian magazine in 2011 but only recently being discussed in English, Genrikh Mavrikiyevich Ludvig gained special access to secret Vatican archiveswhere he studied ancient manuscripts. He read extensively about the extraterrestrials who had visited the Earth and began his research of Maya civilization. He interpreted their symbols to be spaceships and spacesuits and also mentioned that the library had manuscripts about alchemy and ancient codes.

Russian Scientist Found To Be Early Soviet Ancient Astronaut TheoristLeft: Professor Ludvig in the 1920s. Right: in the 1970s. (Credit: Sovershenno Sekretno)

Professor Genrikh Mavrikiyevich Ludvig was a highly educated Russian scientist and an inmate of Stalin’s concentration camps. He was a philosopher, a scholar of ancient languages (he spoke 20 languages fluently, including ancient ones), daring architect, a teacher, and a free thinker who lived in the ideological climate of Communism.

One of his students, Vladimir Kucharyants, claimed that only in recent years he has discovered the scope of Professor’s Ludvig’s knowledge, ideas, and legacy. There is much more that needs to be studied, and the Russian writer continues his quest. He is still not sure who Genrikh Ludvig really was: a phenomenally educated scientist who possessed encyclopedic knowledge; a mystic; a person who was ordained into secret knowledge.

Russian Scientist Found To Be Early Soviet Ancient Astronaut TheoristProfessor Ludvig in Soviet prison (Credit: Sovershenno Sekretno)

Kucharyants reveals that Ludvig showed the photocopies of the Vatican’s ancient manuscripts that contained information regarding the aliens visiting our planet along with drawings to his students. Ludvig described the hidden essence of ancient myths. He also revealed that the Fiery Pillar had destroyed an advanced ancient civilization and showed the photos of the fortress walls that were discovered in Babylon. Ludvig added that the walls were melted with an unbearable temperature and cited the possibility of nuclear blasts behind this.

Professor Ludvig was also an inventor, and designer of military technology. He helped his country, even during his imprisonment. During his days as an inmate of the GULAG, during World War II, he had at least 17 inventions to his name: such as the construction of military airfields in marshy areas; a noiseless underground station for testing aerial engines; a bomb thrower for close distance tank warfare; and many more. His reward was extension of the prison sentence in 1942 for another ten years, after he was denounced for his criticism of Stalin’s policies inside the concentration camps.

Ludvig knew the secrets of herbs and their esoteric medicinal properties, and once this knowledge helped him survive, when he had to cure the wife of the concentration camp commander, or face death.

Genrikh Mavrikiyevich Ludvig died in 1973, and hopefully many of his valuable notes will be reviewed and released in the future.


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