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Doctor Claims That Reincarnation Is Real – And Our Souls Are Stored In The Universe After Death

Doctor Claims That Reincarnation Is Real – And Our Souls Are Stored In The Universe After Death

Reincarnation is possible. Consciousness is simply energy which is present in the body. It is released after demise and then it, embarks on the journey of finding a new host – a new theory!

This theory is attributed to the work of Dr. Jim Tucker. He spent almost 15 years interviewing children who came as being reincarnated.

He also wrote a book, Life after Life: A Scientific Investigation of Children’s Memories of Previous Lives. In this book he interviewed 2,500 young individuals, which showed signs that they were reincarnated. These youngsters either had memories from the previous life which they had never experienced, scars or even birthmarks similar to the person that they have supposedly been reincarnated from.

Other psychologist and researchers too have a similar saying:

The psychiatrist, University of Virginia said that consciousness is energy of a quantum; at sub atomic level it is present in the body hence it ascertains the probability of reincarnation.

In accordance with the most esteemed scientists the theories of quantum mechanics imply the consciousness to continue to live even after the demise of the body.

reincarnation3Our souls can live on in the universe after our bodies die, according to the shocking claim

Robert Lanza has named the phrase ‘biocentrism’. It is a theory which implies the release of consciousness as sub-atomic particles after the death of the individual in the Universe.

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The theory has been adapted by Dr. Tucker. He says that the stream of energy has the ability to find a new host. In accordance with him:

-The leading scientists like Max Planck, the Father of quantum theory said that he witnesses consciousness as basic and also that the matter is derived from it.

-This means that for the consciousness to survive there is not any requirement of a physical brain. Hence, it will continue to live even when the body dies.

-Thus, it can be said that a consciousness, then becomes attached to a new brain and no wonder, shows up as the memories of the past life.

An instance shared by Dr. Tucker

He interviewed a young boy, James Leninger. He was the son of a Christian couple residing in Louisiana. This body was back then 2 years old. He was way obsessed with his toy planes. This was fine. But, gradually he started experiencing nightmares where he was in a plane crash. So, he conversed about the plane crash and said that he had been a pilot and had flown off of a boat. When asked the name of the plane by his dad, he would answer it to be Natoma. He also said that he had been shot down by the Japanese, and killed at Iwo Jima. He also revealed that he had a friend called Jack Larsen.

reincarnationJames Huston, pilot, and James Leininger as a boy

It will really intrigue the readers to know that there was really an aircraft called the USS Natoma Bay, which was used during the WW II. It was also involved in Iwo Jima. It did lose one pilot named James Huston. And the manner in which the crash had happened was verbatim correct to that described by the boy.

However, just like other cases, the memories faded away by the time he was grown up to 6 years of age.

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