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Shocking UFO Experiences: Weird Dreams Or Real Encounters?

Real UFO Experiences: Weird Dreams Or Real Encounters?

Dreams and reports about UFOs are an very popular phenomenon, and they are also symbolic of the modern day people’s worries and concerns over living in an uncertain world. Various cultures tell of dreams or rituals that relate to a history of contact with aliens. For example, the shamans, in the aboriginal culture, speak of meeting with the sky gods Baiame, Biral, Goin and Bundjil during dreaming, which are similar to today’s contactee and abduction reports.

Weird UFO Experiences

Real UFO Experiences: Weird Dreams Or Real Encounters?

Many instances have been described where the dreamer is abducted by ‘spirits’, ‘killed ritualistically, and then a magical journey is experienced, which is generally described as aerial accent where the person meets the sky god. Many tribal traditions describe such myths about abduction by powerful beings. Weirdly, some of the medical experiments detailed in those stories are similar to the ones that aliens are supposed to undertaken on today’s abductees.

Almost 70% of the abductees begin their experiences while in a dreamy state, such as in the bedroom or while driving at night. Lucid dreams fall somewhere between sleep and waking, while there is a real sense of space and time and all the senses function as normal, which is why, it can be mistaken as a real experience.

According to psychologist Keith Ring, abductees as a group have suffered a higher than average incidences of child abuse, and as many abduction reports often involve  sexual experiments by the aliens, it could be in fact childhood memory breaking through into normal consciousness.

Signs And Symbols

Real UFO Experiences: Weird Dreams Or Real Encounters?Since dreams are a way of communicating with the unconscious,Carl Jung believed that dream images reveal something about yourself, your relationships with others, and situations in your waking life.

The psychologist Carl Jung claims that the human psyche is struggling to reconcile the opposite aspects of itself, such as the inner introvert and extrovert self, conscious and unconscious Self, and feeling versus sensation, and find inner harmony.These opposites are brought together by healing symbols called the archetypes.

Real UFO Experiences: Weird Dreams Or Real Encounters?

One of the oldest is mandala, coming from Sanskrit word meaning magic circle. Jung argued that the circular nature of UFOs/flying saucers represents man’s desire for wholeness of self that this mandala represents.

Real UFO Experiences: Weird Dreams Or Real Encounters?

The frightening dreams and the appearance of aliens in your dreams represent that part of yourself, which you consider ‘alien’. May be the feelings you might have repressed in your normal behaviour, press upon you during sleep. There is a possibility that you feel alienated socially or at work, or there might be an issue, which requires your attention.

An alien speaking wisdom to you might be your own higher self connecting to you, to probably give you an insight of the future or may be solutions to deal with it. It generally appears in a symbolic form of a wise man or woman, a sage, alchemist, guru, witch or wizard. The dreams might give you an insight of your inner self, good or bad. Probably the aliens come from the skies so that they can represent the search for the divine. Your dreams could be a way to discover your true nature and a way to divine awareness. So listen to the message that the aliens bring, researchers claim that it can help you interpret your inner self.


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  • OK all explained away except when i was 7 i was in a remote location with my sister and we saw a ufo it was spherical shape and was hovering as we walked it started to cruise very slowly and after a minuet it accelerated upwards at a very fast rate this was back in 1955 there were no aircraft that could do what that back then ,
    Time loss , i was 35 and driving with my then wife we approached the slip road for the motorway to go home i used that one a lot so knew what and where i was then everything went very quiet and we found we were driving in the opposite direction on the motorway i checked the time when all of the normal noises came back and we lost 25 minuts ,no words were said no sounds heard then all of a sudden everything was normal , we went back to the slip road to see if it was possible to cross two lanes but it was not there were only two ramps one was on the other was off , so it was not possible to get accross the two lanes ,im no scifi geek /freak but it has always puzzeled me how it happened , in both cases i was wide awake and in broard daylight ,good luck explaining that one away !