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Questioning Mysteries Centering The Human History

History is amazing. It gives a peak and an insight into the whereabouts and future alike. However, it can be deceptive at times as well. Indeed, there have been instances when the facts about the royalty, repressive clan, elite or the despots, have been lied about, in accordance with the suitability.

As of present the phenomenon is continuing.

History has pitfalls which indicate a disparate focus. Here are some pointers which instigate on the same:

So, there has been a map found in 1513 by Piri Reis. He was the admiral in the 16th century of a Turkish fleet. This map depicts Antarctica to be free of ice; the same is applicable for coastline of America. This cannot be possible. Especially, since apparently Antarctica had ice on it for millions of years! Yet again, the map utilizes math and the longitude and latitude system. While, the fact is that the latter was delved by Professor Charles Hapggod and ascertained that at that time, nothing of the sort ever existed.

piri-mapThe Piri Reis map shows the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America, and the northern coast of Antarctica.

Pyramids have always welcomed queries, speculation and utmost fantasy.

The author Semir Osmanagic discovery of the pyramids in Bosnia to be over 25,000 years old is indeed mind boggling. Again, the Egyptologists do not abide by this at all. It is indeed surprising that how is this possible, when the first civilization of humanity appeared 6,000 years ago.

The pyramids of Bosnia are hills, was claimed by an Egyptologist. But, the physicist Slobodan Mizrak has recorded high electromagnetic intervals at the tip, which is no ways a natural occurrence. In fact, the archaeologists have also taken concrete from the pyramid and tested them. In accordance with the tests, the construction material was witnessed to be 5 times stronger than ever analyzed by the PUT, Polytechnical University of Turin. Since, when have hills been made of such strong materials!

visoc-ica-_bosnianska_pyrami-daStudies suggest the pyramids in Bosnia are covered in soil aged around 12-15,000 years old

It has been said and claimed by the historians time and again that the first civilization dates back to 6,000 years ago. However, The Great Sphinx of Giza has been witnessed of having 15,000 years of water erosion, even when it is one of the driest places in the world. Indeed, the findings and claims do not match!

And, it is not done yet!

So, there is the statue of Ramses II, nestled in Luxor in Egypt. Fabricated of red granite, its density level is equivalent to quartz crystal. The statue is an epitome of sacred geometry and advanced mathematics. It is really surprising as to how the ancient Egyptians managed that with the hand tools. In fact, the archeologist Christopher Dunn documented and presented evidence that the Egyptians could not have made these.

ramses_ii_in_luxor_templeThe statue of Ramses II is an epitome of sacred geometry and advanced mathematics.

And, there are lies not just about the archeology there is much more to it.

So, every individual thinks that Hitler escaped his bunker. However, it has recently been unfurled by the FBI that he lived into his 70s in Argentina.
In the year 1999 it was the US Government found guilty of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
So, do not just believe in history blind folded. There is a lot which remains to be explored and questioned.

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