Prophecy of Beinsa Douno – Bespeaks Of Destruction With Cosmic Fire And New Beginnings

Prophecy of Beinsa Douno - Bespeaks Of Destruction With Cosmic Fire And New Beginnings

The word prophecy has always been associated with immense charm and excitement. Whether, it is the prophecy you read about in a novel, a study on the internet, heard from your elders or witnessed in a television channel.

It will be worth to enlighten the readers with the prophecy written almost 72 years ago. It is really amazing. And, will fantasize your senses.

The prophecy has been written by the Peter Konstantinov Deunov. He is also known as Beinsa Douno. He was born in 1886 and expired in the year 1944. However, when he was in the catatonic state he received a prophecy. It was left by him when he expired. The prophecy is dated as 1944. The prophecy he left resembles the time of present completely, when undertaking the criteria of shift in consciousness, alteration in the earth and the golden age. In fact, even when the prophecy dated 1944, Douno was well known for the fact that the age the Earth is moving to be an Aquarius, in accordance with the astrological age system.

petar-danov-Prophecy of Beinsa Douno - Bespeaks Of Destruction With Cosmic Fire And New BeginningsPeter Deunov, also known by his spiritual name Beinsa Douno, and often called the Master by his followers, was a Bulgarian philosopher and spiritual teacher who developed a form of Esoteric Christianity

Here are some pointers the prophecy indicates to:

    • The phase known as ‘Kali Yuga’ is on the periphery of ending. In fact, those living in the era, find themselves on the road between the former and the soon to begin new era.
    • The thoughts, the sentiments and the activities of humans have already started witnessing gradual improvement. Now, however, every individual will be subjected to divine Fire. It is this fire which will give rise to Ascension-superior degree of consciousness.
    • This fire will need some decade to approach Earth from the cosmic Earth.
    • Novel transformation will take place.
    • This fire will consume all sorts of negativity, whether in thoughts, actions or sentiments, leaving refined humans-completely rejuvenated.
    • Since, thousands of years the planet Earth was enclosed in the space of darkness, hence, the fire with divine transformation will make sure that a more spiritual region is attained.
    • The earth will soon be following an ascending movement. Those that harmonize with the flow of ascension will be benefitted. Other, will be at a loss.
    • Again in accordance with the prediction of the prophet Daniel as written in Bible, mass destruction will be witnessed on Earth. It is the result of all the sins the Mother Earth has witnessed since the inception. However, after the sufferings those that will be saved will be the witness of the Golden Age, beauty and harmony.

Prophecy of Beinsa Douno - Bespeaks Of Destruction With Cosmic Fire And New Beginnings

  • The Golden age is for the just and truthful people.
  • A new continent will be fabricated.
  • The founders of the new civilization will live in the manner where love will rule the world.
  • There will be more humans, leading the path of salvation.
  • The man will cease to pursue sin and lead the path of virtue.
  • The climate will be moderate everywhere.
  • No longer will there be any sort of terrible variations.
  • Air and water will then be in their purest form.
  • Earth will become a blessed place.


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