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Near Death Experience – Supernatural Or Lucid Dreaming

Near Death Experience - Supernatural Or Lucid Dreaming

It is a definite that in a book, a manuscript, a sci-fi show or a movie, you have heard about the near death experience (NDE) or might have experienced it yourself. So, as per the NDE is concerned more people than ever who have faced or witnessed it portray the fact, that there is a tunnel which ends at a gleaming source of light. The one classic experience is that-of flying towards the source of light.   In accordance with the researchers these heavenly visions are the result of the human mind and not some supernatural phenomena.

Science believes in result and experimentation. Hence, a sleep experiment was fabricated at the Out-Of-Body Experience Research Centre in Los Angeles.

  • Four groups of 10-20 volunteers were trained to perform a series of mental steps when they awaken during the night.
  • It was these series of steps which led them to have the out-of-body experience.
  • They were so conditioned to be able to put efforts to float through a tunnel towards a source of bright light.
  • The results were amazing-
  • 18 of the volunteers said that they were able to dream this sort of experience.
  • There were the volunteers who experienced meeting their deceased relatives when they flew to the light.
Near Death Experience - Supernatural Or Lucid DreamingIn accordance with the researchers heavenly visions are the result of the human mind and not some supernatural phenomena.

It will be interesting for the readers to know that near death experience, most of the instances occur during the state of anesthesia-induced sleep. And, then there is the concept of lucid dreams. In accordance with the Neurologists, involving Kevin Nelson, University of Kentucky- the NDEs are fabricated by the same brain mechanism which produces the lucid dreams.

A better understanding

Nelson’s research portrays that both the type of experiences takes place when the logical center of the brain becomes active during REM sleep. It then allows the vivid dreams that seem to be happening in real life.

Raduga’s experiment

In order to further understand the aspect and the concept Raduga designed an experiment to determine if it was possible to train the volunteers to dream up NDEs when they were in the transitional phase. The transitional phase is that between sleep and walking. With the help of the experiment he intended to demonstrate that NDEs are just lucid dreams.

The experience of the participants was recorded. In consonance with one of the participant, she was able to leave her body after a couple of tryouts. Then, she flew to the end of the tunnel and saw her deceased spouse in spirit. It was all very real for her. Later on, when she felt that the time is up, she went up to the tunnel and landed in her body.

Nelson has a say with regards to the entire experiment- “Lucid dreaming can be conditioned and bears an uncanny similarity to near-death. Indeed, Raduga’s study demonstrates the similarity of near-death and lucid dreaming. Evidence from many sources converges to support that lucid dreaming and near-death use similar brain mechanisms but in different circumstances.”

In accordance with Raduga – “This means that NDEs aren’t evidence of life after life.”


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