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The Nazca Lines: Timeworn Vimana Runways

The Nazca and Palpa lines have already made us spellbound for decades. These amazing pieces of old ‘art’ have been found in the arid Peruvian coastal plain roughly 400kms south of modern-day Lima. These astounding geoglyphs cover almost 450kms and were built on the barren floor in between 500BC and 500AD.

c7d288b27ac2a464d33aaa51952b172eAncient geoglyphs of Nazca

The Nazca and Palpa lines are known as one of the greatest mysteries of archaeology, especially due to their quantity, size, and nature. Some lines describe the stylised plants, living creatures, imaginary beings, and also geometric figures a few kilometres long.

In accordance with studies, the longest geoglyph goes on for nearly 9 miles and the largest of the Nazca figures is roughly 1000 ft.

94df1c6828d5d341b32ecdac31f7d7caThe Nazca Lines have been a mysteries for decades. No one knew who made them or how, perhaps until now.

Nevertheless, the secret mountain tops are the most mysterious discovery at Nazca, which are bizarrely same as the modern-day runways. The mountain tops look like something totally pressed them down with high force. According to the researchers, these enigmatic mountain tops look like something perfectly managed to cut through them, building unbelievable flat surfaces.

Here the question arises for the existence of these giant runway-like mountain tops. If these lines are considered to have created the unimaginable desert-art, tricky figures of plants, animals and geometric shapes, then why would even they create these large flat surfaces?

There are so many unanswered questions about Nazca. Were these gigantic figures meant to be appeared from above? Do they imitate the constellations in the sky? What were the ancients attempting to say to the future generations? Were these Nazca and Palpa lines absolute old art? If yes, then why would old civilisations create art which can’t be completely admired from the ground?

ef976f44260cd51db46f965974a9ee55Peru - Nazca lines| Mountain formation, Astronauts and Aliens

Is there any possibility that as Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest the old runways appeared at Nazca are even navigational markers utilised by state-of-the-art extraterrestrials which visited the place thousands of years ago? And even is there any possibility that some flat, gigantic triangles were built by huge spacecraft which touched down in the far-flung past? What if these paths were used by the Gods in the far past for visiting the Peruvians? And what if, old people made figurines like the Nazca Astronaut in respect of those Gods who came from above?

In accordance with some local legends, Viracocha, the secret Incan creator God instructed these lines and geoglyphs in the past. These lines are known for being made by the Viracocha himself. He was an amazing teacher God of the Andes.

Sceptics still remain clear that these flat mountain tops and gigantic figures were not built by state-of-the-art flying devices. However, could the old Nazca people had made appropriately-shaped triangles, thousands of meters in diameter with their feet according to the suggestions of some researchers? Well, if so, then how is it possible to clarify the flat mountain tops situated around these lines?

These days, when it comes to the Nazca and Palpa lines, the most confirmed theories include the ceremonial sites, giant astronomical calendars, coordinate systems, and to wrap things up, the gigantic landing strips made by the global neighbours almost thousands of years ago.

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