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Nasa Images Show Ancient Hieroglyphs Carved Into Rock On Mars

Nasa Images Show Ancient Hieroglyphs Carved Into Rock On Mars

According to UFO hunters it could be the biggest ever discovery on the red planet.

Nasa photographs, taken by the Curiosity Rover, apparently show the writing on a rock.

Footage of Nasa images, taken by its Curiosity Rover, show the writing on a rock, according to and alien researchers and conspiracy theorists who are convinced it proves there was once an ancient civilisation on Mars, much like those on Earth.

Scott Warring, editor from posted:

“History is being made here folks…this is something special.

“This particular NASA photo has a lot in it, but the crown jewel is its hieroglyphs on a large broken wall.
“The video shows writing on Mars. The writing itself is actually protruding from the wall, instead of carved deeply within it.
“There are a lot of similarities between this and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.
“I went through the photo and found dozens of ancient artifacts, but picked only the best and posted them below.
“The writing is finally the absolute proof that we needed to prove that these beings were intelligent enough to have a written language.”

Nasa Images Show Ancient Hieroglyphs Carved Into Rock On Mars

So far the US space agency says it has found no evidence of even microscopic life ever being on Mars, but the rover is telling us more and more about the planet, including that it once had vast oceans, and water may have recently run across the surface.

These particular images caused a range of arguments as for whether they are the remains of a long lost ancient civilization from Mars or not. Ufologists around the world firmly believe that some of the images taken by NASA 4WD Alien Droid on the red planet show what appear to be intelligent markings on some of the rocks. They suggest that these markings are the remains of a long lost alien civilization from Mars that inhabited the planet in the distant past, when Mars had an atmosphere nearly identical to that of Earth, and liquid water flowing in rivers, lakes and oceans.

Skeptics on the other hand believe the evidence is completely nonexistent and that the patterns, artifacts and other mysterious objects seen in the images are the result of Pareidolia, where our brain tricks us into seeing familiar patterns that do not exist in reality.

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