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Mystery Of Portuguese Cosmic Egg

Or rather say a mysterious stone, was found by Peter Daughtrey in Silves, Algarve- Portugal. British researcher made a remarkable discovery, as special characteristics of the stone make it one of the kind. The size of the mysterious stone is around six feet long, it is about 7000 years old and looks like a cosmic egg. Besides its strange shape, it is inevitably connected with ancient myths.
There is a unique symbol imprinted on the stone’s surface which reminds you the design of the double helix of the DNA. The stories of cosmic egg  have been mentioned in myths of all cultures around the globe. For example, Greek mythology entitled the stone as Orphic Egg and you may find similar eggs in Egypt or China. At those times, it used to be a solid explanation to the beginning of life on earth. According to ancient people, it were Gods who sent these cosmic eggs to Earth and mankind hatched from it.

The new found stone was located in the area near Atlantis, according to Peter – the small village of Silves and now the egg is a part of Lagos museum, located also in Algarve.
The museum presents an egg as a “standing menir”, which can be found on the coasts of Portugal and the rest of the world. The majority of such merits hold carvings or symbols which still have to be deciphered.
But this stone is actually a sculpture itself, as you can see the symbol being raised. It wasn’t carved or pressed, otherwise the whole egg had to be grated.

In order to make such a symbol you need special tools, which were not available in Bronze age for example. The sculptor for sure had a special metallurgy knowledge in order to perform it. If you look closer you will notice, that the central feature resembles a rod. According to the ancient myths, the Rod was a symbol or incredible power: in Mesopotamia the rod was considered to be a power of Gods. It also may remind the Caduceus, carried by Hermes in Greek mythology as well as a double helix of DNA. But the last one was only discovered in 1953…which rises a question. How could it be the symbol of DNA 7000 years ago? The researchers have another task to figure out, whether the mythology was a tale or maybe there was a part of truth.


source: ancientufo

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