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The Mystery Of Franklin Expedition Is Revealed!

There was a story of Franklin Expedition which until now has been considered a total mystery in the history of maritime exploration. According to it, two of the British Royal Navy ships – HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, left English harbor in 1845 in order to explore the Canadian arctic. But as soon as the ships reached icy waters of the Northwest Passage in 1845, both of the ships turned to be icebound. Since that time there was no news or trace of the ships until later expeditions, which revealed the secrets of the mysterious disappear, which ends up in a rather creepy story.

For 170 years the ships were forgotten until in 2014, when  Canadian parks workers have found the Erebus, or if to be more precise – the ship’s bell. But still the fate of the ship remained uncertain. But thanks to the recent discover of HMS Terror the story of Franklin expedition is becoming more or less clear.

According to Radio Canada International, the Arctic Research Foundation and Canadian Royal Navy, HMS Terror was discovered on September 3, 2016. Coincidentally the ship was found in Terror Bay thanks to an Inuk crew member who was familiar with this arctic landscape. Though researches still can’t explain how the ship happened to be only 100 km north of the place where HMS Erebus was discovered.

Basing on the notes and anecdotes from local Inuit tribes, historians managed to put all the pieces of story together and describe the last months of crew. After finishing all the ship’s supplies, crew members tried to make the camps on nearby islands in September 1846. But the majority of them was dying either from starving or from diseases. According to the reports and eyewitness accounts of the locals, the crew might have resorted to cannibalism as they were totally desperate. According to the accounts given by Inuits to British search party, there were butchered corpses and cookware with human remains found on the islands next to the shipwrecks. Cannibalism was the last attempt to prolong life, the desperate wish to survive.


source: mysteriousuniverse

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