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Mysterious Mount Untersberg: Nazis And Weird Time Anomalies

Sometimes it is called ‘The Mountain That Eats Men”. The Untersberg rises over 2,000m above the provincial town of Salzburg and has been captivating its citizens for centuries. The mountain is believed to be a sacred ‘power place’ where supernatural events occur on a regular basis. People disappear for decades only to suddenly return with loss of memory, some see strange plays of light others encounter dwarfs or giants. Legend goes that Emperor Karl the Great sleeps deep within the mountain, in giant marble caverns only to return once the crows stop flying to fight the ultimate battle against the antichrist.

Legends surrounded mount Untersberg 

Untersberg, directly translated as under-mountain is located among the Berchtesgaden Alps which lies at the border between Berchtesgaden, Germany, and Salzburg, Austria and over the Salzburg Basin and Salzach Valley. This table-top mountain is known for its irregular shape. This place has featured in many famous Hollywood films like “The Sound of Music”.

Mysterious Mount Untersberg: Nazis And Weird Time AnomaliesHistorians consider Frederick Barbarossa among the Holy Roman Empire's greatest medieval emperors. He combined qualities that made him appear almost superhuman to his contemporaries: his longevity, his ambition, his extraordinary skills at organization, his battlefield acumen and his political perspicuity.

The Untersberg is the resting place of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa (1122 – 1190). It is believed that this emperor is waiting for a resurrection which will bring the end of the world with it. There is yet another famous legend surrounding this mysterious mountain. It is said that the great King Charlemagne lives on or inside the bowels of the mountain which is surrounded by dwarf-like creatures called Untersberger Mandln. It is believed that the mountain is inhabited by many demons and spirits.

Hitler’s Berghof

Adolf Hitler first arrived on the Obersalzberg in 1923, staying with a friend after his release from prison, then returning to rent a farmhouse (Haus Wachenfeld) on the mountain in 1928. He finished writing ‘Mein Kampf’ here.

Mysterious Mount Untersberg: Nazis And Weird Time AnomaliesHitler spent more time in the Berghof than in his Berlin office.

Hitler bought the farmhouse in 1933 and remodeled it into a large, alpine-style mansion he called the Berghof, or “mountain farm”, which he visited frequently during his years as German Chancellor.

Hermann Goering and Martin Bormann acquired homes on the Obersalzberg near Hitler’s, and Heinrich Himmler and Albert Speer had homes in the area as well.

The property owners on the hill were either bought out or forced out and a massive building program was organized by Martin Bormann. Administrative buildings, barracks and workers’ housing covered the area and below ground the entire hill was honeycombed with a maze of tunnels and bunkers.

Mysterious Mount Untersberg: Nazis And Weird Time AnomaliesEva Braun and Adolf Hitler on the terrace in Berhof

It is believed that Führer purportedly fanatically watched the Untersberg with special high powered telescopes. Most likely he believed the mountain held supernatural energies and entities that he hoped to harness and tame for his own nefarious purposes.

Paranormal activities around the mountain

However, it is not known whether the mountain has any paranormal secrets, but many tales are surrounding it. The Untersberg became famous for a place of missing time. People recall of suddenly finding themselves in a different area without any explanation. Hikers have reported of losing consciousness and waking up at some other unfamiliar part of the mountain in a matter of minutes or hours times. It is also said that this mountain is a hotspot for UFO sightings as well.

Mysterious Mount Untersberg: Nazis And Weird Time AnomaliesIt is believed that hundreds of people have gone missing around the Untersberg Mountain, on the border of Germany and Austria.

An interesting tale concerning the missing time and teleportation was best described by an Austrian author called Stan Wolf in his 2011 book named Gems of Dominion: Mysterious Mount Untersberg. Wolf recalls of having visited the mountain along with a friend where they searched for time slips. According to Wolf, their watches diverged by seconds or minutes at some locations on the mountain. He says that they met a group of men living in several caves of the mountain. These group of people claimed to be the SS soldiers from World War II and were under the command of SS General Hans Kammler.

Mysterious Mount Untersberg: Nazis And Weird Time AnomaliesHitler surrounded by SS soldiers

These soldiers bizarrely have no idea that many years have passed and believed that the war ended only a few months ago. Wolf confirms that the time passed at a much slower pace in the cave where the soldiers have been hiding. It is believed that these cases might be a result of many portals about the mountain that supposedly lead to another dimension or realm. The Germans also thought that at the end of the war, Hitler’s men retreated into these caves and had never been seen again.

Untersberg is certainly a place of myth and weirdness which may always be beyond our capability to comprehend. This enchanting place is a mixture of beauty and bizarre.


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