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Kap-Dwa: A Mysterious Two Headed Giant From Patagonia

Kap-Dwa: A Mysterious Two Headed Giant From Patagonia

People have been talking about the existence of giants since ancient times. But does it really exist? No one has the answer to this question yet. Also, there have been many hoaxes that show massive bone structures indicating towards the possibility of the existence of a giant. But, the mummified remains of Kap Dwa, a two headed giant, depict a story that you can’t easily ignore. This giant was claimed to be about 3.5 meters tall and from Patagonia.

Where Did The Two Headed Giant Come From?

Kap-Dwa: A Mysterious Two Headed Giant From PatagoniaImage Source (Image Source)

The story of this giant who had two heads, is sure hard to believe but, it is also something that will make you think. There are two stories attached to the existence of this giant called Kap Dwa.

Story 1

The story dates back to 1673, when the Spanish sailors captivated this giant two headed Kap Dwa and he remained captive until he was killed while trying to escape from his captivators. The Spaniards killed him with a pike through the chest. The story faded somehow but it was believed that his mummified remains reached England in the 19th century.

Kap-Dwa: A Mysterious Two Headed Giant From PatagoniaImage Source (Image Source)

The mummified remains of Kap Dwa ended up at Weston’s Birnbeck Pier, in 1914, apparently after being passed over from one showman to the another, and here, it spent around 45 years on display. In 1959, Lord Thomas Howard purchased the remains and then Kap Dwa somehow ended up in Baltimore Md at Bob’s Side Show at The Antique Man Ltd in Baltimore owned by Robert Gerber and his wife.

Story 2

Kap-Dwa: A Mysterious Two Headed Giant From PatagoniaImage Source (Image Source)

Kap Dwa does exist as his remains can be found in Gerber’s collection, and Mr.Gerber has another story, which is different from the previous one. According to him, this mummified creature was not from Patagonia. He claimed that Kap Dwa was found dead on a beach with a massive spear in his chest, post which, the people of Paraguay, mummified it. He was eventually transported to England by an English Captain called George Bickle. He was in a museum in Blackpool where he was on display for several years.

Finally, his mummified remains were transported back to Baltimore.

Were Giants Common In The Past?

Kap Dwa, being most likely real, indicates that the probability of giants to have existed in the past. There are biblical references to the giants who were apparently born from the son of gods and the daughters of human, which are called Nephilim.

Also, there are references from the Bible that mentions about giants who inhabited Canaan at the time of the Israelite conquest of Canaan. There is a possibility of Kap Dwa being real, but at the same time, our planet is home to uncommon. We have seen people with unnatural heights and two headed people who are conjoined twins. The tallest man on Earth was measured around 2.72 meter tall. Concluding, if the giants existed on Earth on the basis of these stories, is a little difficult.

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