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John Kerry’s Strange Visit To Antarctica And Wikileaks Antarctica Photos

The unexpected US presidential election results made Secretary of State John Kerry the highest -ranking US government official to ever set food on Antarctica. Kerry has been hearing from scientists about the impact of climate change on the frozen continent.

The visit took place few weeks after Wikileaks released a series of pictures from Antarctica.Does this mean that there’s worldwide cover-up of UFOs in Antarctica?

The secretary of US arrived to Antarctica on November 11. This was leg 2 on a multi-stop trip that started in New Zealand and included a stop at the international climate change meetings in Marrakech, Morocco, where Kerry was to speak on the dangers of global warming.  During the five hours flight, Kerry spent most of his time in the cockpit. Was he giving secret directions to the pilots?


After landing on the Pegasus Ice Runway at the U.S.’s McMurdo Station, Kerry toured by helicopter the McMurdo Dry valleys, which are considered to be as close to the environment of Mars as any place on Earth. He also visited the red glacier known as Blood Falls and the hut where famous Antarctic explorer Erbest Shackleton used to live in 1908. The scientist didn’t report any UFO but he was in Antarctica at the time of the Tunguska event, and saw the aurora lights both before and after event.


Kerry got to see things that are banned from the public view due to the newly-signed (October 28, 2016) agreement  to make the Ross Sea the world’s largest marine protected area, blocking ships without permission from entering the area for 35 years.

Wikileaks released around 28 photos of Antarctica, most of which were rather scenic, but some did contain UFO and mysterious fogs. All the pictures were numbered and some of them went missing, which might be a long rumored evidence of a secret war between US and UFOs based on the waters of Antarctica- the same waters which became protected by the new agreement.

The mystery around UFOs in Antarctica have been wandering around for long time, and now Kerry is visiting the secret locations and shares the info with other nations in Morocco, while John Podesta promised to open UFO files if Clinton was elected, so all of these events make it possible that Antarctic UFO conspiracy exists.

On the other hand, it can be just Kerry’s concern as for the environment and he is trying to save the slowly melting Antarctica. So far a mystery remains unsolved.

source: mysteriousuniverse

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