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In Search Of An Alien Megastructure

In Search Of An Alien Megastructure

Previous year we witnessed of a new star which stole the spotlight and consistently made the headlines and made appearances on television shows such as the “Saturday Night Live” as well as “The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert.” Popularly known as the Tabby’s star, it is located at a distance of 1,200 light-years from our planet near the constellation Cygnus. This star has continuously and inexplicably fading and flickering significantly which cannot be defined easily by using natural causes. A well-known astronomer even came to a conclusion that the star had provided shelter to a large alien megastructure. This mystery is yet to be solved by any of the astrologers and scientists. After the occurrence of such an event the scientists are on the lookout of brand new large construction projects which are present in the sky. These kinds of mega projects might be located both within as well as away from our own galaxy.

kic_8462852_in_ir_and_uv-1Tabby's star is located at a distance of 1,200 light-years from our planet near the constellation Cygnus

In the year of 1959, a physicist by the name of Freeman Dyson proposed that all developed civilization including our own would need to build these megastructures one time or the other. He also made predictions about a day when every civilization would realize that all the energy which they had has been consumed and nothing is left behind. During this moment the only source of energy which would be available to them would be the huge nuclear furnaces which were available to them in the form of stars. But the fact would be how to utilize that energy as only a small part would be available to them in the form of light energy falling on their planet. So the best option available to every civilization would be to build large number of solar panels so that they could completely surround the star and gather every single bit of energy present. This energy could be transferred to the home planet for its use in various purposes.

A fellow at the famed Oxford University’s Institute of Future of Humanity, Stuart Armstrong said, “Nothing requires any major technological breakthroughs for this.” In the year 2012, Armstrong came up with the idea of a scenario where the human race could create its own Dyson Sphere by extensively mining the planet Mercury in search of all the materials present there. Armstrong stated that though it would destroy the planet but it would take only 30 years to successfully create a Dyson Sphere. “We’re on the edge of being able to expand across the universe ourselves,” he said.

dyson-sphere-1A Dyson sphere is a hypothetical megastructure that completely encompasses a star and captures most or all of its power output.

Though it might appear to be the end of the line but many scientists and astronomers believe that we humans could actually come in contact with a civilization present in another. The basic motive behind this is that each and every civilization which is in desperate need of energy would eventually go beyond its own planetary system, in the process overtaking the entire galaxy and covering almost all of its stars inside the Dyson Spheres.

An astronomer of the reputed Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, James Annis said, “That’s actually a really wacky idea. There’s no good reason to expect an intelligent species to cover every star in the galaxy or even 99 percent of the stars in the galaxy. But if they did it, it would be a markedly visible thing.”

He further stated, “I personally think that although most intelligent species will try to get out of their solar system, it’s not at all obvious that they will cover every star in the galaxy in an attempt to extract all the energy the galaxy has to offer.”

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