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Giant Cauldrons In Siberia Believed To Be Of Extraterrestrial Origin

In northwestern Yakutia in Siberia there is a remote area that bears the marks of a tremendous cataclysm that took place some 800 years ago, as a result the entire forest cover was topped and dozens of stone fragments were scattered over hundreds of kilometers. The ancient name of this area is Uliuiu Cherkechekh, which translates as “the Valley of Death”. There is a huge number of mysterious metal objects located deep underground which can be seen on the surface only by patches. However the weirdest of these objects are mysteriously submerged metal cauldrons, which have been attributed to aliens. It is still unknown whether they were a kind of warning or protection system or maybe they are related to the mysterious Siberian craters?


One of the expeditions in the Valley of Death took place in 2013 and was led by scientist Michale Visok. He was the one who investigated the giant metal cauldrons, whose existence was even mentioned in the local folk tales. The area was warm enough and the cauldrons were said to be partially submerged in marshes. Even though the report about team members was quite detailed, when it came to the object’s description, it turned out to be poor – the cauldrons were submerged in small pools 2-3 feet deep, metallic-sounding when walked on, smooth with sharp points on outer edges , with no pictures attached.

According to the folklore, these cauldrons date back to the formation of the Death Valley caused by the cataclysmic event like the Tunguska meteorite in 1908. But the question still remains if these metal cauldrons were there already,  and this is where the mix of folklore starts.

The earliest reports of a copper cauldron with only top exposed were found in 1853, however the most popular ones are about nomads, found in 1930. They used them to hide from the winter cold until the cauldrons made them sick. The diseases might have been caused by radiation or methane.

Cauldrons- Siberia-1
The most popular explanation of the cauldrons states that they are a meteorite protection bunker system, installed by the aliens for humansin this area of high meteorite (and possibly even hostile aliens) area. The theory might have worked out if there were at least pictures of these cauldrons. But so far there are only few simple drawings of underground dwellings. The reason why we can’t see them is because they have sunk under the permafrost and you can see only the earth-covered domes.

Cauldrons- Siberia-4
Official scientific non-alien explanation says that craters are the result of explosions caused by pingos. The pre-crater pingos could be dirt-covered metal cauldrons to those with limited experience and vivid imaginations.

mystery-of-siberiaPingo or covered cauldron?

Therefore the cauldrons of Siberia’s Valley of Death still remain a mystery, which is waiting to be solved.

source: mysteriousuniverse; featured image source

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