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“Giant Alien Footprints” Cause Panic In An Indian Village

When we say “unusual footprints” or “giant footmarks”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind as a reader? Probably, the word aliens or extraterrestrial! And when we utter the word alien, most of us are left breathless while some of us may shudder in absolute fear. This is the exact feeling that the local residents of a small Indian village village experienced recently.

The residents of the Anturu village of Gadag district in Karnataka, India, are dumbstruck on finding large, human-like footprints on a farm near the Boodihal mutt (a Hindu monastic or religious establishment and is short for of the word Matha, which also means a monastery) in the village. The locals informed the forest officials that the footprints were bigger in size and there was approximately two to three feet distance between two steps. Some have even reported of hearing “heavy breathing” early in the morning. Women and children were made to stay indoors due to the fear of the “alien” in their village.

However, it looks like the Mande Barung, India’s version of Bigfoot did not occur to the people. The “forest man” is said to be 10 feet tall. The Mande Barung is believed to live in the north-east of India and Bangladesh while Karnataka is in the south-west of India.

Giant footprint believed to be of Mande Barung origin (Image Source)

The local Forest Department patrolled the area at night in an attempt to calm things down. After patrolling for two nights, the area was declared alien-free. Yashpal Ksheersagar, Deputy Conservator of Forests, explained the possibilities on the reason behind the footprints.

Ksheersagar says, “It’s possible that a giant wild boar may have dug up the field. Sometimes the boar, while running, paces its paws closely and it could have raised suspicion among villagers. Such prints are seen in areas when injured cattle walk. We have taken photographs and will send them to the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) in Dehradun for a thorough investigation and will find out the reality soon.”

However, the villagers stay unconvinced because of the vast distance between each footstep. Jayprakash Nagaraddy, a resident of Antur, calls the distance between the steps as “humanly impossible” to mark the field which is over 4 km in the distance. Nagaraddy adds, “The pug marks show that some large animal has walked on the mud. The marks made by the mysterious creature are different from the usual marks in the fields which stretch from Antur village to Neelgund village which is 4 km apart.”

However, the truth remains unsolved and hidden. Are the aliens out on the prowl or is this some gimmick? Well, we leave that to your imagination!


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