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George Adamski: King Of UFO Contactees Or A Hoaxer?

George Adamski: King Of UFO Contactees Or A Hoaxer?

In the last years of the 1940’s, George Adamski was one of the very first people to publicly reveal his encounters and experiences relating to the UFO phenomena.

Adamski called himself a “philosopher, teacher, student and saucer researcher,” in spite of most investigators concluded his claims were an elaborate hoax, and that Adamski himself was a con artist, there are a lot of people truly believe he made a contact with Nordic alien “space brothers”.

In November 1952,  Polish-born UFO enthusiast – George Adamski claimed that he and several friends were walking in the Colorado desert near Desert Center, California when an alien spacecraft swooped down and landed near them.

What Did George Adamski Claim?

George Adamski: King Of UFO Contactees Or A Hoaxer?Adamski with the photograph of flying saucer (Image Source)

Adamski claimed he went off alone and encountered a second ship, out of which clambered a golden-haired alien named Orthon. Supposedly from the planet Venus, Orthon came with a message of peace, warning Adamski of the dangers of nuclear war. After he got back in his ship and flew away Adamski and his friends said they took plaster casts of Orthon’s footprints–ostensibly to prove he was really there.

George Adamski: King Of UFO Contactees Or A Hoaxer?Adamski standing with his painting of aliens from Venus (Image Source)

Further to this, he also claimed that he returned to the same landing site later, and took a photograph of the Venusians’ ship that descended to meet him. It was apparently the first clear picture ever of a flying saucer, which obviously became famous in no time.

George Adamski: King Of UFO Contactees Or A Hoaxer?George Adamski (Image Source)

Adamski authored three books describing his meetings with Nordic aliens and his travels with them aboard their spaceships: Flying Saucers Have Landed (co-written with Desmond Leslie) in 1953, Inside the Space Ships in 1955, and Flying Saucers Farewell in 1961. The first two books were both bestsellers; by 1960 they had sold a combined 200,000 copies.

Number Of Problems With Adamski’s Claims

George Adamski: King Of UFO Contactees Or A Hoaxer?New York radio and television personality Long John Nebel provided Adamski with a forum to promote his books and photographs (Image Source)

Adamski claimed in his books that these “alien humanscame from Venus, Mars, and other planets in Earth’s solar system. However, none of the planets he mentioned are capable of supporting human life, due to their environmental conditions. For example, the first alien Adamski claimed to have met was from Venus, yet the atmospheric pressure on the planet’s surface is 92 times that of Earth, it has clouds which rain a toxic substance thought to be sulfuric acid, the atmosphere consists almost entirely of carbon dioxide, with very little oxygen, and the average surface temperature of Venus is 464 °C.

George Adamski: King Of UFO Contactees Or A Hoaxer?Flying Saucer photographed by George Adamski (Image Source)

Secondly, the photograph that he claimed to have clocked of the UFO, was analysed by an expert, and he claimed that it wasn’t a flying saucer at all and apparently it was a streetlight, where its exposed landing gear were bulbs.

George Adamski: King Of UFO Contactees Or A Hoaxer?George Adamski's vision (Image Source)

Also, his friends who had been with him during the contact, had different versions of their stories. In short, some believe that he built up the whole thing. More because, in the early years he supported himself mostly by manual labor and got into the occult in California in the 1920s, forming something called the Royal Order of Tibet that ended when Prohibition was repealed in 1933. According to one witness, at that point, Adamski claimed that he has to get into the ‘Flying Saucer Crap’.

George Adamski: King Of UFO Contactees Or A Hoaxer?George Adamski's vision (Image Source)

The flying saucer story fetched a lot of money to him. In 1949 Adamski began giving his first UFO lectures to civic groups and other organizations in Southern California; he requested, and received, fees for the lectures. In these lectures he made “fantastic” claims, such as “that government and science had established the existence of UFOs two years earlier, via radar tracking of 700-foot-long spacecraft on the other side of the Moon.” In his lectures Adamski further claimed that “science now knows that all planets [in Earth’s solar system] are inhabited” and “photos of Mars taken from the Mount Palomar observatory have proven the canals on Mars are man-made, built by an intelligence far greater than any man’s on earth.” However, as one UFO historian has noted, “even in the early 1950s [Adamski’s] assertions about surface conditions on, and the habitability of, Venus, Mars, and the other planets of the solar system flew in the face of massive scientific evidence…”mainstream” ufologists were almost uniformly hostile to Adamski, holding not only that his and similar contact stories were fraudulent, but that the contactees were making serious UFO investigators look ridiculous.”

In 1963, Adamski claimed that he had had a secret audience with Pope John XXIII and that he had received a “Golden Medal of Honor” from His HolinessAdamski, at the request of the extraterrestrials he was allegedly in contact with, met with the Pope in order to request a “final agreement” from him because of his decision not to communicate directly with any extraterrestrials, and also to offer him a liquid substance in order to save him from the gastric enteritis that he suffered from, which would later become acute peritonitis.

On April 23, 1965, at the age of 74, Adamski died of a heart attack after giving a UFO lecture in Maryland.

Despite of numerous critics over decades George Adamski remains a founder of the so-called UFO subculture, even now almost 50 years after his death.


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  • Adamski’s “photo” of a flying saucer looks like a photo of a pith helmet to me, with three tennis balls glued to the inner liner.

    • They are photos of upside down kitchen light fixtures. The black folks like to say Adamski was part of their finding blacks were of godly descent. Seriously.

  • George Adamski was the “white Polak” who was busted for making fake-hoaxed UFO pictures out of upside down kitchen light fixtures in his garage after sipping on a bottle of white wine.

  • No wonder Adamski’s aliens were “Nordic.” In the ’30s, he was a close associate of William Dudley Pelley, founder of an underground fascist organization called the Silver Legion of America. Adamski was pushing the Nazi meme that the “master race” was superior due to extraterrestrial origins.