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Message To Mankind: Ancient Hindu And Hopi Prophecies Reveal The Future Of Our Civilization

Indeed, the hereditary gift of prophecy

will go to the grave with me.


By mentioning the word ‘prophecy’ most people immediately may think about Nostradamus or perhaps Baba Vanga. However, they are not the only two who have spoken up about the future of civilization as ancient Hindu and Hopi prophecies have also shed light on what can happen to mankind.

Ancient Hindu Prophecies

According to the Hindu Yugas, we are currently living in the Kali Yuga – the Iron Age, Dark Age or simply the lowest point in spiritual consciousness and moral virtue. And sometimes that sentiment doesn’t seem too far off. Despite our technological advancement, our current age has been marked with war, deceit, inequality and scarcity. While this may be a subjective view, there are certainly some aspects of it that sound familiar.

Although the start and end dates of the Kali Yuga are disputed and somewhat ambiguous, many believe we are nearing the end, when Kalki, the final avatar of Vishnu, is supposed to make his messianic return to earth. This return will usher in the Satya Yuga, our upward journey back to the pinnacle of truth and cosmic order, known as dharma.

Message To Mankind: Ancient Hindu And Hopi Prophecies Reveal The Future Of Our CivilizationThe avatars of Vishnu as depicted by Rev. James Gardner in 'Faiths of the World', Edinburgh

The eschatological Hindu texDivya Maha Kala Jnana (“The Divine Knowledge of Time”) allegedly was composed circa 1000 AD by Jagas Guru Srimad Virat Potaluru Veera Brahmendra Maha Swami. The book describes social conditions before the arrival of Kali Purusha, the Kalki Avatar, by the Kali year 5101 (~ 1999 AD). That being is the incarnation of Kali, the destructive and procreative female aspect of Brahma. At that time, Kali Purusha will be called Sree Sree Sree (“Thrice Great”) Veera Bhoga Vasataraya Maha Swami. The text Kala Jnana also describes the current world conditions of sexual perversion and horrid disasters that precede the end of this era of errors.

The Vishnu Purana (4: 24) advises us as follows about the conditions at the end of this civilization:

“The leaders who will rule over the earth will be violent and will seize the goods of their subjects. The caste of servants will prevail and the outcasts will rule. Short will be their lives, insatiable their appetites; they will hardly understand the meaning of piety. Those with possessions will abandon agriculture and commerce and will live as servants or following various possessions. The leaders, with excuses of fiscal need, will rob and despoil their subjects and take away private property. Moral values and the rule of law will lessen from day to day until the world will be completely perverted and agnosticism will gain the day among men.

Message To Mankind: Ancient Hindu And Hopi Prophecies Reveal The Future Of Our Civilization“Yuga cycles”are cycles of humanity where we as a planet go in and out of phases of evolution and decline.

“The causes of devotion will be confined to physical well-being; the only bond between the sexes will be passion; the only road to success will be the lie. The earth will be honored for its material treasure only. The priestly vestments will be a substitute for the quality of the priest. A simple ablution will mean purification, the race will be incapable of producing divine birth. Men will ask: what authority have the traditional tests? Marriage will cease being a rite. Acts of devotion, however scanty, will not produce any result. Every way of life will be equally promiscuous for all. Those who own and spend more money will be the bosses of men who will have only one aim, the gaining of wealth however dishonestly. Every man will consider himself as good as a Brahmin. Men will be terrified of death and fear scarcity; by this alone they will keep up an outward appearance of religious feeling. Women will not obey the orders of their husbands or their parents. They will be selfish, abject, liars, fallen and given to evil ways. Their aims in life will be sensual satisfaction only.

“When the practices taught by the Vedas and the institutes of law shall nearly have ceased, and the close of the Kali age shall be nigh, a portion of that divine being who exists of his own spiritual nature in the character of Brahma, and who is the beginning and the end, and who comprehends all things, shall descend upon the earth. He will be born as Kalki in the family of an eminent Brahmin of Sambhala village, endowed with the eight superhuman faculties. By his irresistible might he will destroy all the barbarians and thieves, and all whose minds are devoted to iniquity. He will then re-establish righteousness upon earth; and the minds of those who live at the end of the Kali age shall be awakened, and shall be as pellucid as crystal.

The men who are thus changed by virtue of that peculiar time shall be as the seeds of human beings, and shall give birth to a race who shall follow the laws of the Krita age, the Age of Purity.”

Hopi Prophecies

Message To Mankind: Ancient Hindu And Hopi Prophecies Reveal The Future Of Our CivilizationHopi Prophecy Rock

More than any other tribe in North America, the Hopi Indians have developed according to the dictates and demands of what may be called a legacy of prophecy. The predictions of the life to come do not merely pertain to the Hopi themselves but deal with impending events on a global scale. These prophecies began to be made public shortly before the mid-20 th century.

The tribe claim that we now live in the Fourth World after the previous three were destroyed by fire and ice.

A previous nine predictions were passed onto US minister David Young in 1958 after he encountered a Hopi elder named White Feather.

White Feather told Mr Young that his ancestors had previously foretold the arrival of the “white skinned men”, referring to Europe’s discovery of the Americas, and that “our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices” – the subsequent conquering of the continent.

He added: “A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns will overrun the land in large numbers” – as cattle grazing was subsequently introduced.

Giant Spider’s Web

His fourth prediction that his ancestors forecasted, he claims, was that “the land will be crossed by snakes of iron” with railways laid across North America, and his fifth that “the land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider’s web” which many have linked to telephone and internet communication.

Message To Mankind: Ancient Hindu And Hopi Prophecies Reveal The Future Of Our CivilizationEach line is drawn between two nodes, representing two IP addresses. This is a small look at the backbone of the Internet.

The sixth was the introduction of roads and motorways after he said that his ancestors claimed “the land shall be criss-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun”.

Then White Feather gave some predictions for the then-future.

Sea Turning Black

He said “You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it”, which could refer to the 2010 Gulf oil spill and “you will see many youth, who wear their hair long like my people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn their ways and wisdom” which many have linked to the counter culture of the 60s and 70s.

Message To Mankind: Ancient Hindu And Hopi Prophecies Reveal The Future Of Our CivilizationDeepwater Horizon Oil Spill - Gulf of Mexico

Blue Star Kachina

Finally, in the prediction many are beginning to fear, he said: “You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the Earth, that shall fall with a great crash.

“It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease.”

While White Feather’s prediction remains open to interpretation, there are several strong theories.

Message To Mankind: Ancient Hindu And Hopi Prophecies Reveal The Future Of Our CivilizationIn Frank Waters's writings on Hopi mythology, the Blue Star Kachina or Saquasohuh, is a kachina or spirit, that will signify the coming of the beginning of the new world by appearing in the form of a blue star.
Some believe it could refer to a comet that crashing into Earth and causing a mass-extinction, while others feel it is linked to the Chinese Tiangong 1 – a blue satellite that lost communication with China earlier this year and is predicted to come hurtling back towards Earth at some point.Many believe the predictions were past onto the tribe by aliens, as ancient cave drawings by the Hopi people depict humans accompanied by “ant people” – which strongly resemble many people’s idea of what ETs might look like.The Hopi people believe the ant people guided their ancestors into the New World.


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