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Ex-CIA Contractor Says Aliens Use Our Planet Like A ‘Supermarket’

Aliens Are Using Our Planet Like a Supermarket: Claims Former CIA Contractor

A number of very dark ventures collectively known as Secret Access Programs, are run by the deepest echelons of the U.S. Government, and apparently they were described as so sensitive that they are exempt from standard reporting requirements to the Congress. One of the SAPs focused on people endowed with special abilities such as remote viewing.

Ingo Swann, one of the participants of this, was able to see and describe the thin ring around Jupiter even before the astronomers using his unexplained powers, which was later confirmed by  NASA’s Pioneer 10 spacecraft images. This made CIA to further invest in his training and the program went on for about two decades. But, during this period, there was one remarkable incident was when the remote viewers discovered structures on Mars, both on the planet’s surface and underneath its facade, which did not appear to be man made.

Ingo Swann And His Experiences

Aliens Are Using Our Planet Like a Supermarket: Claims Former CIA ContractorIngo Swann (Image Source)

He was also one of the participants of the program, and he wrote a book on it, named Penetration. It explores the subject of aliens and UFOs. In one of the incidents, he describes how a secret agent, Mr. Axelrod, whom he met while he was working with scientists at the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, CA, managed to enter the Institute and convince Swann to accompany him on a state-sanctioned mission, despite the strict no entry.

Aliens Are Using Our Planet Like a Supermarket: Claims Former CIA ContractorIngo Swann's Book - Penetration (Image Source)

According to Swann, Axelrod was accompanied by two blond haired, blue eyed, military looking assistants and they all together flew to the west coast apparently landing somewhere in the Alaskan hinterland. After a long hike, they reached deep into the forest and the following events are described vividly in leading UFOlogist Richard Dolan’s book UFOs & The National Security State.

Aliens Are Using Our Planet Like a Supermarket: Claims Former CIA ContractorRichard Dolan (Image Source)

UFOs & The National Security State

The Cover -Up Exposed 1973-1991 on page 154. A few points are mentioned below.

Aliens Are Using Our Planet Like a Supermarket: Claims Former CIA Contractor‘The reason aliens are coming to our planet isn’t to insert alarmingly large probes into people’s bums – it’s to pick up the groceries’

They reached a small lake, where Axelrod told Swann that he would witness something as dawn approaches and that no one should make any noise. When dawn approached, Swann saw a fog developing over the lake that turned into neon-blue color and later to angry purple, from which, a network of purple, red, and yellow lightning bolts were shot in all directions. This transparent object apparently later became solid and triangular in shape.

Then according to the description, the object began to grow huge and started to envelop the area. Swann later recalled that the red laser beams from the object were ‘blasting’ pine trees were probably honing in on deer or other forest creatures sensing the heat of their body. Also, Swann noticed the water of the lake surging upward as if a waterfall getting sucked in the machine.

Next, the book mentions that they ran to a great length and stopped only when things got cleared. Axelrod then asked Swann if he could ‘sense’ anything form the craft, which made the fact clear that the secret agent acted on the belief that Ingo Swann would be able to use his power and gather some insight on that. To this, Swann claimed that he can only sense when he is calm and collected. But apparently he mentioned that the machine was a drone, unmanned and operated by someone. He also indicated that the aliens might be using Earth as the neighbourhood supermarket.

Before taking Swann back, Axelrod said that the mission will be disbanded shortly, after which, Swann last saw Axelrod at the San Jose Airport.


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