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‘Doomsday Maps’: Are Elite Preparing For Cataclysmic Event?

'Doomsday Maps': The Elite Are Preparing For Cataclysmic Event

We know what life on Earth will surely be wiped out eventually. In fact, we have known for some time. For those who are curious, there will come a time when our sun starts burning helium, thus resulting in its transformation into a red giant. It is uncertain whether our sun will consume our planet or not, but in the end, it matters not because the heat of our sun will render our planet uninhabitable in both cases. In time, our sun will turn from a red giant into a white dwarf, which won’t matter to our planet because by that point in time, it will have been dead for a period longer than what the human mind can comprehend on an intuitive level.

'Doomsday Maps': The Elite Are Preparing For Cataclysmic EventImage of what Earth may look like 5-7 billion years from now, when the Sun swells and becomes a Red Giant. Author©Fsgregs

What will happen to humanity?

Unfortunately, human civilization is a lot more fragile than the planet it occupies, meaning that there is a wide range of natural occurrences that possess the power to either collapse our societies or even wipe us out in not much more than an instant. For example, if we were unfortunate enough to be put in the path of a gamma-ray burst, we could end up sustaining catastrophic damage to our atmosphere, which in turn, would lead to higher levels of UV radiation as well as other serious problems. This is without considering a particularly close-range gamma-ray burst, which is theorized by some to possess the potential to cause a mass extinction event that we could do nothing about because it would hit us at the speed of light with no warning whatsoever.

With that said, one of the more popular doomsday theories in recent times is the idea of a catastrophic shifting of the magnetic poles. Speaking bluntly, such doomsday theories are a bit overblown. Yes, the magnetic poles can shift positions. In fact, we are overdue for a shifting of the magnetic poles because the last one was 780,000 years ago even though they have tended to happen every 200,000 to 300,000 years over the past 20 million years. This could be a problem because such shifts tend to take thousands of years to complete, which could result in a weakening of our magnetic field. However, the consequences from a weakening of the magnetic field would be higher rates of cancer as well as increased damage to sensitive instruments from increased exposure to UV radiation, which are things that we would be able to prepare for as a species rather than the sudden collapse of society that doomsday prophets like to warble about.

Can we prepare to apocalypse?

Regardless, such doomsday theories aren’t helped by the elite, who have been buying up lands in out-of-the-way places for various uses. Perhaps unsurprisingly, such purchases tend to have very banal explanations, with examples ranging from people needing vast stretches of grassland for grazing their huge herds of cattle to the time-honored tradition of building new cities for the purpose of showcasing a newer, better way of living. However, they have nonetheless been latched on to by people who are eager to find an excuse to fear an imminent apocalypse.

According to several prognosticators and much criticized theorists, here is some of predicted land changes based on geological positioning. All post polar shift predictions are based on theories from Gordon-Michael Scallion, Edgar Cayce and others, and should not be construed as fact.

North and Central America will be dramatically changed.

'Doomsday Maps': The Elite Are Preparing For Cataclysmic EventFuture map of North America by Gordon-Michael Scallion (Image Source)

Africa will ultimately be divided into three parts. The Nile will widen significantly.

'Doomsday Maps': The Elite Are Preparing For Cataclysmic EventFuture map of Africa by Gordon-Michael Scallion. ©Matrix Institute (Image Source)

Europe will experience the fastest and most serious Earth changes. Most of Northern Europe will sink beneath the sea, as the tectonic plate underneath it collapses.

'Doomsday Maps': The Elite Are Preparing For Cataclysmic EventFuture map of Europe by Gordon-Michael Scallion ©Matrix Institute (Image Source)

Australia will lose nearly twenty-five percent of its land due to coastal flooding.

'Doomsday Maps': The Elite Are Preparing For Cataclysmic EventFuture map of Australia and New Zealand by Gordon-Michael Scallion ©Matrix Institute (Image Source)

In South America, heavy earthquake and volcanic activity will take place. Venezuela, Colombia, and Brazil will be taken over by water. The Amazon Basin area will become a huge inland sea. Peru and Bolivia will be sink with rising waters.

'Doomsday Maps': The Elite Are Preparing For Cataclysmic EventFuture map of South America by Gordon-Michael Scallion ©Matrix Institute (Image Source)

The whole thing is particularly irritating because there is actually a huge, world-changing event that is happening right now. Granted, climate change isn’t very dramatic because it happens on the scale of decades rather than days, but there can be no doubt about the fact that it will have devastating consequences for human civilization as a whole. After all, climate change promises to erase vast swathes of arable land, which will be particularly problematic in a time when the human population is still on the rise. Historically, that kind of scenario tends to lead to a lot of misery, with no reason to believe that this time will be any different. As a result, if people want to get panicked about the end of the world, they might want to take a longer look at exactly what climate change entails for much of the planet.

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