Did Flying Ships Ever Exist – A Peek Into The Ancient Indian History

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So, which picture portrays in your mind, when you think about history! Well, definitely it would include cannons, bullets, wars, or even the prehistoric caves and cavemen. But, what if you were told, that history included vehicles which worked with the power of mind, spaceships which continued to dock in on earth or the phenomenon of anti gravity which was as common as the usage of smart phones today!

All round the world, when you think about flying ships, the most amazing and fascinating reference is with the great civilization of ancient India. This country has continued to surprise the people with their smartness, their hospitality and their intelligence. And believe it; this has been followed from the inception of the civilization.

If you are an avid reader, a history enthusiast or even a traveler, you must have heard about the scriptures of India-the Vedas. The Vedas continue till date to be the greatest ancient writings on Earth.

Did Flying Ships Ever Exist - A Peek Into The Ancient Indian HistoryVedas texts composed in Sanskrit constitute the oldest layer of Sanskrit literature and the oldest scriptures of Hinduism

It will be worth for you to have a peek at some of the most fascinating findings of the scriptures written then:-

1. There is the reference of flying ships that visited the continent 6000 years ago. That marks the period of kings, queens, and the incarnations.
2. Vedas is the oldest scripture of Hinduism.
3. The language used involves Sanskrit.
4. In the same context, there is the ancient book of Vaimanika Shastra. It implies Science of Aeronautics. There are details of vehicles which are executed by the power of mind. Spell binding!
5. There are also reference that at almost 6000 years ago, there was present anti-gravity and futuristic technology. Indeed, the phenomenon still being understood by people, were already established in the day to day life back then.

 In fact, there are the researchers which consider the Vaimanika Shastra as a guide to space and interstellar travel. Fascinating indeed!

Did Flying Ships Ever Exist - A Peek Into The Ancient Indian HistoryAn illustration of the Shakuna Vimana that is supposed to fly like a bird with hinged wings and tail.

In order to gain further understanding of the scripture, it will be worth to take reference from Dr. V. Raghavan. He has written almost 120 books and 1200 articles. He won the Sahitya Academy Award for Sanskrit.

Did Flying Ships Ever Exist - A Peek Into The Ancient Indian HistoryDr. Raghavan contends that centuries-old documents in Sanskrit prove that aliens from outer space visited his nation.

He quotes-“Fifty years of researching this ancient work convinces me that there are living beings on other planets, and that they were visiting the earth as far back as 4000 B.C.”

He even explained that there has been reference of science fiction weapons and flying machines in the Vedas and other Indian epics.

Another author Dr. A.V. Krishna Murty, professor of aeronautics, at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore says similar:

“A study of the Sanskrit texts has convinced me that ancient India did know the secret of building flying machines – and that those machines were patterned after spaceships coming from other planets.”
It indeed seems that many of the details are still left to be explored and understood. May be its high time to alter the history books and the impact on the chapters and contents to be included.
Flying ships, fictional weapons and interstellar trip did exist much before!

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  • Those ‘flying ships’ of ancients always reminds me of of the1986 Japanese animated adventure “Castle in the Sky” (Hayao Miyazak, writer/director) The depictions of the ancient flying castles are very similar.