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Six Crazy Discoveries Science Still Can’t Explain

We tend to believe that ancient people, living centuries ago were kind of low developed and were running around hunting for animals to survive. But we do underestimate them, as some of the artifacts they left still make the smartest scientists stunned. These are the mysterious objects that modern science can’t explain:

1 – The Voynich manuscript


It is an ancient book, containing a hidden text which nobody can decipher yet. And it is not just random symbols or signs, but an organized and detail illustrated book instead. There is a certain language in the manuscript, which just has never been seen before, so the text for sure means something, but we just have no clue what.


Dozens of experienced code breakers, cryptographers and linguists were trying to break the code but without any success.

2 – The Antikythera Mechanism


This weird machine was found in a shipwreck next to Greece, and dates back to 100 BC. It contains special structures and gears which were not discovered for 1000 years. Science still doesn’t know where the mechanism was made and who designed it. So far they believe that it was done by Greeks as the instructions are all written in Greek. The mechanism itself was supposed to solve astronomical positions, but the problem is- at that time nobody discovered the laws of gravity or how the space bodies move in general. And this mechanism has such functions that nobody at time could understand properly along with the settings of this machine.

3 – The Baigong Pipes


One area in China which was never inhabited contains three mysterious triangular openings on top of a mountain, where hundreds of ancient rusty iron pipes are. Some of those pipes go rather deep inside the mountain, while the others go into nearby salt water lake. What’s wrong with the pipes is that archaeologists date them to those time when people were still having troubles with frying a meat and not burning their houses. These pipes are believed to be older than Zeus. And their location shows they didn’t appear there by mysterious reason, but were used for something.

4 – The Giant Stone Balls Of Costa Rica


The country holds a mysterious site – few giant stone balls are scattered around the territory. They are smooth and have an almost perfect spherical shape. Some of them are small, while the others reach eight feet in diameter and weight few tons. And science has no idea why they are there, their purpose, how were they moved and for what….

5 – The Baghdad Batteries


These artifacts have been found in the area of Mesopotamia and date back to early centuries AD. Scientists were thinking at first that they were usual clay pots for storage, but this theory was denied as each of them contains a copper rod, which is the evidence of acid corrosion. So scientists still don’t know what they were used for, some suggest for electroplating items with gold but their true purpose is still a mystery.

6 – The Bloop


Back in 1997 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recorded a strange sound in the ocean, which was so loud that was picked up by two separate microphones 3, 000 miles apart. They called the sound – “The Bloop” and this sound is nothing like what it should be at the normal speed. The mystery lies in the fact that there is no animal big enough to make such a sound and noise. So it leaves scientists wondering what could possible make this mysterious sound.


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