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Colossal Discovery: A 300, 000 Year Old Skull With A Bullet-Like Hole

This mysterious skull was revealed around a hundred years ago by a miner near Kabwe, Zimbabwe, who found a 300, 000 year old skull with a perfect round hole on one side, as if the bullet went in. After numerous investigations, experts came to conclusion that the victim must have been impacted by a really strong power, but the question remained what kind of technology could have been used to make such damage hundreds of thousands years ago…
When the skull was found back in 1922, on the left side of it you could see a perfect round hole. Some of the researches believed it was made by a spear or any other very sharp tool. But as more investigations were done, the less possible it could be. Experts have found during examination that right side of the so called Broken Hill Skull had another interesting feature. The skull looked like it has been blown away, but from the inside out. So if to sum up the two details: a small perfect hole and the blown skull the question arose: what could possibly create such a perfect round hole and how was the cranium blown away from the inside out? The next investigations were trying to figure out to which species the skull belonged: to Homo Rhodesiensis or Homo erectus? Now anthropologists believe it was the last variant.

Old-Skull-With-Bullet-Hole-2The skull found in Kabwe (also known as Broken Hill) attracted a great deal of attention when it was first discovered. (Image Source)

According to scientists when a skull is hit by arrow or a spear it creates radial cracks, like minute hairline fractures. But in this particular skull there were no “radial fractures” at all. That’s why scientists believe that poor victim has been hit by something stronger than a regular spear.

According to Rene Noorbergen, the author of Secret of the Lost Races the same feature is observed in modern victims when they receive the head shot from a high-powered rifle. This fact made scientists think of who or what could exist on earth 200, 000 years ago to possibly cause such a harm? The question still remains: “Could the victim be shot by an advanced weapon at that time or no? ” Is it possible that an advanced civilization existed thousands of years ago on Earth?



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