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A Closer Look Into Everything About Alien Implants

Many alleged abductees are seen having small devices placed inside their bodies, particulary the areas behind the eye, deep inside the nasal cavities, in the back of the neck or head; or in the jaw, hands, feet, or toes. Yes, these alien implants are totally real. So many proofs like X-rays, photographs and CAT scans can reveal their presence. As of now, medical teams have removed so many of them. These implants are believed to be used for monitoring physical activities or condition of the person in whom they are basically placed.

alien_implantAlien Implant Removal

Let us have a closer look into all of these alien implants:

Are these implants really from aliens?

Albeit as per every indication, these implants seem to be alien beings, nobody is sure about it. However, the medical team which removes them, is used to call them alleged alien implants. So, whether they are alien beings or not, the doubt will still go on.

alpha-ims-x-ray-retinal-implantThe Alpha IMS retinal prosthesis, implanted in a human patient

The implants and their structure:

These implants are made of metallic elements. They are tiny in size and come in various shapes – spiral, triangular, round and thin like a fine wire. They’re completely visible on X-rays. These implants are surrounded by a strong living tissue cover which contains keratin and protein. They are so strong that the doctors are unable to cut them with a hard steel scalpel. The structure of the implants appears to be atomically aligned.

A strong electromagnetic field:

Before removal, these implants give off a powerful electromagnetic field. A Gauss meter is used for measuring electromagnetic field.

Large nerve bundles:

There are large sensitive nerve bundles growing and surrounding into the implants. These implants are not found where these nerve tissues grow (for example – in the jaw or the back of the hand). However, one implant found in the jaw will be totally penetrated and surrounded by this type of nerve tissue.

No record of surgeries:

Every patient kept for the study of the alien implants had no earlier record or history of any surgery. They hadn’t faced any accident or any such other occurrence which would make for the implant being in place.

No sign of inflammatory response:

There was no sign of inflammatory response, whether acute or chronic, in every case studied.

maxresdefault-1Dr. Roger Leir explains REAL extratraterreseretrial implants and anomalies

The study:

The researchers used an electron microscope at a magnification of 100,000X and declared that the tissue had grown exactly into the implants’ metallic surface. They contain 11 different substances.

Leading metallurgy labs:

Some leading metallurgy labs of the world studied these implanted devices, with the inclusion of the lab at Los Alamos, New Mexico. The metallurgy lab at the University of California at San Diego operated these devices under similar conditions and concluded that these metallic isotopes were extraterrestrial.


The researchers named Dr. John and Derrel Sims have found that persons who have been physically touched and abducted by an alien during the medical process like the insertion of implants show fluorescence on their bodies. This fluorescence can be seen easily when a black light is held just next to the person’s skin where an alien touched him.

Two leading Alien Implant researchers:

maxresdefault-2Dr. John Leir
maxresdefault-3Derrel Sims: Alien Hunter

Dr. John Leir and Derrel Sims are two most important researchers who worked very hard to unveil the truth about these alien implants. They revealed that these flying saucers do have their own families and they are not weirdos.

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  • After reading this article, I’ve decided to reveal, only for the second time, that I lost four hours of time back in 1962 while with my brother in law. It’s a long story with subsequent happenings but I don’t want to go there. I did end up with an implant that did not surface inn the back of my neck until 34 years later. During that time span, it was only an irritation or faint ache. It took that much time for the object to migrate to the surface. It was not metallic but more plastic in nature. I could see that it was a complete unit within itself due to its shape. It was 3/8th of an inch long and 1/8th wide with a hook on each of four corners. The material was pliable but very tough. It was translucent, as in some dinnerware plastics. On one side it had an extremely bright silver streak or light embedded in it. At the time I had no idea what it was or how it got in my neck. Unable to cut it open, out of curiosity, to see what the bright object inside was, even with a new safety razor without breaking the blade, I decided to wrap it up in a napkin, neatly in a one inch package with tape. I wanted to take it to my next doctor appointment to see if he could identify it or/and tell me how it got there. Strangely, for some reason, the whole incident immediately left my mind. I did put it in a very secure place where I knew it was safe.
    About a year later I noticed on a TV show about objects found in people who mysteriously had lost time, usually around 4 hours and the back of the neck was a key area.
    This immediately reminded me of the object I retrieved since I had also lost 4 hours of time. I went to get the object but it wasn’t there. Everything else in the container was there except for the object. Very strange. When I initially removed the object from my neck, it was attached and covered by reddish mess of what looked like a large fleshy mole. One of the hooked corners was how I was able to jerk it off my neck.
    Years later my dermatologist asked me if I wanted him to remove the residual growth off my neck. I agreed and after he got the test results back from the lab, I asked him what the report said. After checking, he stated that it was just a group of nerves. I mmediately said to myself BINGO! This coincided with the TV show about these objects they found. Also, over all the years of picking at my neck, it never once got infected which also matched the findings. I never told my doctor about my experience. Incidentally, I was with my brother in law fishing at night and he also was aware of the lost time and he also had something removed medically from his neck. Immediately after the incident, he went into a state of self denial and would never acknowledge that this ever happened, even in private and this, unfortunately, drove a wedge between us because we were very close. I could go on with subsequent happenings but it would be too lengthy.