Chris Tarrant’s Evidence That Adolf Hitler Didn’t Die And Fled To Argentina

Adolf Hitler

According to official records Adolf Hitler killed himself by gunshot on 30 April 1945 in his bunker in Berlin and his wife Eva Braun also committed suicide with him by taking cyanide. But a growing number believe this version of events to be untrue, subscribing instead to the theory that Hitler was among thousands of Nazis to seek refuge in South America.

Historian Abel Basti made a sensational claim about Adolf Hitler’s post World War II life to Chris Tarrant, on the new episode of his Channel 5 series Extreme Railways. While travelling across a thousand-mile stretch to Patagonia, the TV presenter was baffled when a local history professor said they were travelling in the same carriage that Hitler escaped the war in, back in 1945.

Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler fled to Argentina and then Paraguay, where he died in 1971, believes historian Abel Basti

Abel Basti, who has written extensively on the dictator, told Sputnik News: “There was an agreement with the US that Hitler would run away and that he shouldn’t fall into the hands of the Soviet Union. This also applies to many scientists, the military and spies who later took part in the struggle against the Soviet regime.” He claims was smuggled by a wealthy German landowner into a submarine and stayed in Argentina for 15 years.

As for Eva Braun, Basti said that she lived longer than Hitler and returned to the city of Bariloche in Argentina. Later she went to Buenos Aires, but after she turned 90, Basti lost track of her.

adolf-hitler-and-eva-braunEva Braun was the mistress and later the wife of Adolf Hitler

“He shaved off his hair and was whisked away by a German landowner, who owned huge parts of Argentina, for 15 years and died at 75. It was so detailed.

“He said: ‘I’ve interviewed the man who drives him, his chambermaid. So many Germans and Nazis like Adolf Eichmann came here, why wouldn’t the most successful of them all get to Argentina?’”

Joseph Mengele, a doctor who conducted barbaric experiments at the Auschwitz concentration camp, Hitler’s private secretary  Martin Bormann and Nazi mastermind Adolf Eichmann, were known to have fled there. Eichmann was kidnapped by Israeli agents in 1960, taken to Israel where he was tried and executed.

Martin BormannTheory says Martin Bormann managed to escape from Berlin and was smuggled to South America on board a U-boat. Over the years, there have been persistent sightings in Paraguay and Brazil.

More details of this version of events can be found in Abel Basti’s book “Hitler in Exile” (“El exilio de Hitler”), a new edition of which was recently published in Argentina.


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  • well honsetly i am not but i agree he did but how or were or when i dont know, but know that we been told lies about his death and stuff. But honsetly if he did escape then there would they find him dead buried somewhere also what i dont understand is there was a calm about a men calming about been adolf hitler but why would there be coincidences linking him like that men first name and the moustache and that they i mean ex nazis salute him and call him der furher how is that possible i unerstand some people calm or most people say its not him also i forget he has hairstyle like him on side, if that not him why are there coincidences linking around that men then honsetly! ?

  • also that person who claimed he though is adolf hitler well honsetly if he said that he is a ex nazis ss solider or something then honsetly he would know how he looked like if he worked for him i mean served!