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Brown Dwarfs – Habitable For Alien Life Forms, Study Suggests

Brown dwarfs - habitable for alien life forms!

Immense speculation, aspirations and dreams are associated with interstellar life. There are the planets. There are the stars. There is the Milky Way. Each of these has a lot to look forward to, in terms of secrets stored and chances of new life. It has almost become like a cosmic real estate, thinking that one day there will be life on the other planets as well, or probably it is there already.

You definitely have heard about the Milky Wave galaxy. But, do you know about the cold brown dwarfs. Well, there is speculation that these objects called cold brown dwarfs could be the perfect host for microorganism. Before, you go into the whys’ and what’s’, it will be better to have an understanding with respect to the term itself!

What is Brown dwarf?

Brown dwarfs are celestial objects. Their size is in between a giant planet and a small star. It is believed that they emit Infrared radiation.

Brown Dwarfs - Habitable For Alien Life Forms!Brown dwarfs are substellar objects that occupy the mass range between the heaviest gas giants and the lightest stars

Some interesting facts which led to the discovery:

  • In accordance with the study the layers of the upper atmosphere of this object, has a temperature and pressure, which is very much like that of Earth. Hence, it has the capacity to host microbe.
  • All the while, there have been chats, discussions and researches about the atmospheric life. One thing for sure – there was enough space and habitable atmosphere for creatures more than birds.
  • There have been studies about biologists, who live in the ecosystem made high above the surface of the Earth.
  • In the year 1976 Carl Sagan has portrayed his envision, in the ecosystem that would evolve at the upper layer of Jupiter. The food for the same will be sunlight. He also mentioned the sinkers- the sky plankton. Or, there could be floaters. The latter would rise and fall in accordance with their body pressure. Amazing!
  • In fact, the astronomers have also considered that the present of microbes is a probability even at the inhospitable surface of Venus.
  • It was Yates and his colleagues which applied the same thoughts to a similar kind of world. It was the cold brown dwarfs, which were discovered in 2011. Their surfaces are at room temperature or below it.

    Brown Dwarfs - Habitable For Alien Life Forms!

    The following attributes have been associated with the discovery of brown dwarfs:

    • It was in the year 2013, March that astronomers discovered WISE 0855-0714, a brown dwarf.
    • It was 7 light years away.
    • It seemed to have water clouds in its atmosphere.
    • This is when the researchers Yates and colleagues set out to update the size, density and structure of microbe that could stay in this habitable region.
    • The atmosphere of brown dwarfs is similar to Earth, inculcating carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and phosphorus. Hence, life is probable.

      In accordance with Duncan Forgan, astrobiologist, University of St. Andrews, United Kingdom- “It really opens up the field in terms of the number of objects that we might then think, well, these are habitable regions.”

      Research and studies are going on and the future seems promising for microbes and new life!

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