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Boriska: Indigo Boy From Russia Remembers His Past Life On Mars

Boriska: Indigo Boy From Russia Remembers His Past Life on Mars

Yes! Boris Kipriyanovich, from Russia, is undoubtedly a gifted child. He was born in the year 1996 and it was only 15 days after his birth that this child started to hold hid head up, himself. Alongside when 4 months, the kid, would pronounce simple letters easily, as “papa”, with other significant words coming soon in a row. When he was 1, he read newspaper headlines, with drawings at the age of 2, and paintings 6 months later consecutively. His parents knew and understood his intellectual growth and supported him in the best way as they could.

Boriska: Indigo Boy From Russia Remembers His Past Life on MarsOn top of learning and growing up much quicker than all of the students around him, Boriska was also learning things from otherworldly sources that left his parents baffled.

An Unusual Child Learning and Growing From Out World Sources

Boriska was also sharp with his memory and could easily memorise things, which his teachers noticed when he was 2 years in his Kindergarten. Often, after he was 4 years old, Boriska used to visit the Medvedetskaya Gryada Mountain to revive and refresh himself from the world. Boriska was gaining maturity very quickly and at his age, he used to mediate and learn from out worldly sources so easily, which left his parents amazed and confused. His mother narrated that nobody taught Boriska to meditate, while they often saw him, sit in a Lotus position and describe detailed facts about Mars and other civilisations.

Boriska: Indigo Boy From Russia Remembers His Past Life on MarsThe mother of indigo boy claims nobody taught him how to meditate, while they often saw him sitting in a Lotus position

Boriska used to sit and narrate a lot of the atmosphere and other piloting ships and space on Mars. In addition to this, he also revealed the problems and hurdles that are prevailing on Mars and how the underground cities there, are still struggling with their existence. He could tell all of these with recapitulating from his memories of his past life on Mars. He even disclosed that while the Earth was undergoing Lemurian Civilisation, Mars was going through a very massive and distressing war. He went on to say that the advancement of Lemurian Civilisation could not be stable on Earth because they discontinued pious works and also detached from their planet.

Boriska and His Revelations of the Life on Mars

Boriska: Indigo Boy From Russia Remembers His Past Life on MarsProject Camelot

It was after the word outs for Boriska that the Project Camelot determined to visit and interview Boriska about his past life on Mars and make a documentary for the same. They were sure that there was actually something going with his little boy after the Moscow’s premiere newspaper disclosed his story in their newspaper. On October 8, 2012, Boriska was interviewed with his mother Nadya, in a school near Moscow, for the special and gifted children. They used to reside in a single room apartment there, while his father was missing.

Boriska described the aliens, the ships and other technologies on Mars in the past. He disclosed about some ion powered and resources based ships and how they were unable to use any natural gas or oil on Mars. He even narrated about the bloody wars on Mars which baffled the surroundings, atmosphere, and people there. He explained their designation of the explosion on Jupiter to create a second sun, to create energy for people, but couldn’t be successful because a war broke out, which led everything destructive.

According to the belief of Boriska, humanity holds a lot of good people and thus there should be a developed technology to support a sustainable living.

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