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Beyond Science: Hitler’s Time Machine – The Nazi Bell

Is there any evidence to support the long-rumored secret Nazi device known as “Die Glocke” or “The Bell” in English, which was purportedly a wonder weapon or a time travel device? What made “Die Glocke” so mystifying?

It was one of the most famous ‘secret projects’ run by highly qualified German scientists, a wingless aircraft shaped like a massive church bell, with a motor so powerful it supposedly caused inter-dimensional rips in the fabric of time and space. The Bell, as other Nazi UFOs are believed to be stored safely beneath the ice in Antarctica.

The mysterious weapon was mentioned for the first time in Igor Witowski’s book called “The truth about the wonder weapon”. He claims to have gained access to read the transcripts through an unnamed contact in the Polish intelligence service.


According to Jakob Sporrenberg, who has been linked to the alleged German secret project by Igor Witowski,  it was a large, bell shaped metal chamber, 9 feet across and 15 feet high, filled with a violet coloured mercury-like substance that Nazi scientists code-named Xerum 525. The scientists working on “Die Glocke” all suffered from very bad vertigo, and several scientists and plants in the lab even died, supposedly due to high levels of radiation emitted when the bell was activated.

It gets even stranger when you consider what it is connected to. One the surface, directly above the bell is a concrete structure, nicknamed the flytrap, a concrete structure which supposedly had power cables the thickness of a man’s arm leading down to the bell.


Witkowski speculates that the area around the Wenceslaus mine was used for testing “Die Glocke” and its anti-gravity powers. Many different proposals were made about the machines ultimate goal, all connected with generating phenomena. It was said that it can generate wormholes even.

So what was the bell? What did it power? Some people claim it was a test ground for Nazi flying saucers, others claims it’s all made up, and the flytrap is just the remains of a water cooling tower.

Whatever the truth is, we’ll likely never know for sure. The Nazis totally destroyed Wenceslas mine before the Allies could liberate the area.


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