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Are The Secretive Military Projects Utilizing Anti-Gravity Research Introduced By Tesla?

Are The Secretive Military Projects Utilizing Anti-Gravity Research Introduced By Tesla?

Have you heard about the anti-gravity phenomenon? Well, there are many numbers of applications of the phenomenon being utilized in the aerospace platform.

The controversy

It was Edward Snowden who confirmed that Boeing does not want to open this fact to everyone. It is because if, it is confirmed, it would imply that Nikola Tesla did discover this imperative phenomenon of anti-gravity.

Work of Nikola Tesla

This meant that Nikola Tesla was able to utilize the source of plentiful and free energy in accordance with the application he intended to pursue. Yet again, this is not it. Tesla, mentioned about his two prominent discoveries in 1893 and 1894. In the year 1928, he patented a flying machine, which was a replica of helicopter and airplane.

However, when it was with respect to the discoveries pursued by Boeing, not much of the details with respect to the anti-gravity projects were pursued. The only mention was with respect to the project involving conventional aerospace propulsion technology.

There have been proofs that advanced technology inspired by Tesla work did exist-

  • Ben Rich, a former CEO of Lockheed Martin stated before his demise that aliens did exist, and that the US had a complete ability to travel to the stars.
  • This implies that even before 130 years, there has been reference with respect to the anti-gravity technology.
  • Theodore C. Loder, Ph.D suggested that there seems no research in the field of anti-gravity, since the 1950s.

Are The Secretive Military Projects Utilizing Anti-Gravity Research Introduced By Tesla?

Pharos’ Technology and the secret projects

You must have definitely heard about the Hutchinson effect. It is very similar to that of Tesla. It was the Hutchinson effect which was utilized by an engineer from Boeing Aerospace and Canadian Government in the 1980 to fabricate technology. However, there is no mention whatsoever of the secret discoveries which the company – Pharos’ Technology is making.

Some revelations

Doctor Richard Boylan, however, decided to present the revelation with respect to the secret discoveries. In according to him, there was the existence of 12 kings of special technology advanced aerospace platforms, which incorporate some or the other form of antigravity technology.

Even, when the press has made sure to not let any news leak, there have been reports many numbers of times, of the companies pursuing anti-gravity technologies.

There have been quotes from the Aviation Report, which indicate to the secret project being taken place at Boeing, Lockheed and other agencies as in accordance with the report of The Aviation Studies (International) Ltd.

Why the existence of anti-gravity is not made public till date?

Supposedly the existence of anti-gravity is made public, it would imply the following:

  • Substitution of existence of outdated technology, which involved fuel wasting objects like cars or electric grids.
  • Confirmation of Nikola Tesla’s claims that anti-gravity has the ability to enable space flights to other celestial objects.

So, what is the problem that it has not been made public?

If, it becomes public it will be free for usage by the general people. As of present it is only the military industrial complex, which is utilizing it, for their advantage.

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