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Are Aliens Draining Our Solar Energy? Experts Warn NASA Images Show Massive UFOs Circling Sun

UFO hunters suggest aliens are harvesting energy from the Sun, it has been claimed after NASA released two images showing inexplicable monster objects circling our star.

According to this new conspiracy theory suggested by experts a white spot appeared on the NASA’s images joined towards the sun’s surface with a ‘connected line’. Youtube channel Streetcap1 first came up with this idea after seeing a strange object with a line of plasma running directly from the sun. 

One member of  StreetCap1 channel asked the question last week: “Is this a massive UFO feeding off sun energy” as he uploaded the video footage.

“I was not a great believer in this plasma sun energy theory, but this has got me thinking.”

UFO blogger Scott C Waring picked up on the video.

He said: “The UFO may have been using the suns energy to fuel itself or to recharge in some way, but it’s leaving at high speed.

“Notice that the UFO is a glowing white, but the sun’s plasma is a yellow. This tells us the craft is made from a different material than the sun’s surface.”


He also pointed out that the UFO is a somewhat glowing white, but the sun’s plasma is yellow.

He added: “This will imply that the craft is made from a different material that is resistant from the sun’s surface.”

Meanwhile, sceptics claim because the telescope is at such a massive zoom, they are just out-of-focus anomalies appearing to give such shapes in the final image.

Sceptics claim the objects around the sun seen in these pictures are just coronal mass ejections from the sun – which are an unusually large release of plasma and magnetic field from the solar corona, which often follow solar flares.

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