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Ancient Mysticism: Using Sacred Numbers To Make Money

Ancient Mysticism: Using Sacred Numbers To Make Money

Immense significance is witnessed with respect to numbers. There is a probability that you too must be having that one lucky number. In fact, there are many people who decide their house number, the plot number or even the start of something significant on a lucky date, in accordance with numerology.

A similar analogy has been witnessed in the old texts. There have been witnessed pentagonal diagrams which inculcate numbers and letters.

A French book, published back in 1754 has the oldest version of it. However, the image and explanation which have been accompanied is way older.

This secret system has been attributed to the individual names, Albumaz de Carpentieri.

It assisted people to avail fortune. In fact, it was one of the many ways of the Kabbalist principle of enhancing someone’s chances in the practice of lottery extractions.

Ancient Mysticism: Using Sacred Numbers To Make MoneyA numerical system with numbers on a pentagram (courtesy author).

The Mystical book

There is a yellowed book, in Italian language which was published back in the 1800s. It is this book which has diagrams and the explanation of the way to use the pentagonal diagrams.  It inculcates chapters on the Good and Bad Days of the Moon, the Zoroastrian Kabbalah, the Golden Key, and Sibyl’s Kabbalah and over 10,000 vocabulary terms together with their numerical relationship. The revelation is that the entire text was penned down by an “anonymous Kabbalist”. However, the unique methodology behind came from a different Kabbalists and astrologers which dates back from the 1500 through the 1700s.

Ancient Mysticism: Using Sacred Numbers To Make MoneyThe Kabbalistic Tree of Life

Are there other mystical books as well?

Indeed, a similar compilation has been witnessed in:

  • A New Look at Lottery Games published by Giustino Rumeo, 1866 (Italian version)
  • Public Lottery Extraction Numbers (Italian version)
  • Making Millions: A 500-Year-Old Kabbalist’s Guide to Conquering Chance. (English version)
Ancient Mysticism: Using Sacred Numbers To Make MoneyAn assortment of kabbalistic images reflecting idea of Kabbalist world.

The Angelic association of the Kabbalah

The teaching of Kabbalah is inculcated in many texts. It portrays the association and connectivity of lives and events. It indicates that it is with this knowledge of interrelationship that aids in people to make some simple inferences. There are other texts as well, which have the ability to define the cosmological structure.

Ancient Mysticism: Using Sacred Numbers To Make Money

The traditions and practices

Sacred numbers are a part of many religions and faiths. So, there is the number 3 which has always been the center for many religions.

  • The Egyptians and the Christians, both have immense faith in the Holy Trinity (Tri is for three!)
  • Buddhism projects the presence of 3 jewels. In fact, there have also been the legends about the 3 great mysteries.
  • Vedic teachings which are primitive, explain a lot about the Trimurti. The Trimurti is the God Brahma, God Vishnu and God Shiva.
Ancient Mysticism: Using Sacred Numbers To Make Money Triad of the three gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

Yet again, there has been witnessed the significance of number 9 and number 10 (The Ten Commandments).

So, indeed there is something magical, mystical and alluring about the numbers. And it again seems that the roots of numerology date back to the past!

Old texts, scriptures and manuscripts have a lot to offer to the current modern generation if analyzed and researched well.

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