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Alien Enthusiasts Claim They’ve Found A Martian Structure ‘Identical’ To An Ancient Japanese Tomb

It seems that many scientists now agree that there was life on the red planet in the distant past, but ‘something big’ happened in the distant past that turned Mars into a desolate place.

A respected physicist and author, John Brandenberg, has claimed that intelligent life once flourished on Mars – but was annihilated by a nuclear attack so intense it left the planet cold and lifeless. After all there is a possibility that microbial life on Earth could have traveled here from Mars or even from another star system, and then evolved into the plethora of species seen today. In essence, we may all be Martians. Or what if a sophisticatedMartian civilization, forcing its survivors to migrate to Earth and restart civilization?

Some alien enthuisasts believe there is an evidence of possible migration from Mars – they discovered a structure on the red planet whose apparent geometry is eerily similar to a temple located on Earth.

Numerous satellite images of the red planet display vivid similarities to the ancient Japanese tomb of Kofun, which in its turn rise speculations that an ancient advanced civilization did inhabit Mars few millions years ago.

You can see the structure with your own eyes on Google Maps by entering the following coordinates 6° 3’57.07″N 92° 4’13.22″E. To see the similarity between the alleged structure on Mars, visit Google Earth and type in the following coordinates: 36° 7’45.64″N 139°28’52.95″E, which will take you to the Japanese tomb.

A lot of UFO researchers agree that the structure found on Mars went through millions of years of erosion, but it’s clearly visible shape is a definitive tell-tale sign that an ancient race most likely inhabited Mars.

“The keyhole-shaped mound looks incredibly similar to what we have here in Japan, says a YouTube user during the video. There are many interesting things about this mound that we found on Mars. First of all, it is a massive structure, and it appears in a very isolated, flat empty plain. The sides of the structure have straight edges that run down to a large circular dot formation at its base.  Just like the one we have here in Japan.”

However, in spite of all similarities NASA explains that the straight edges are the result of fractures or natural hill forming a solid ground, that has undergone changes for billions of years.Many people disagree with NASA and indicate the similarities cannot go unperceived, and we are looking at the remains of a once mighty Martian civilization that most likely disappeared millions of years ago, after a catastrophic nuclear war took place there, as Dr. Brandenburg suggests.

source: ewao

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