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Alien Activities: Holographic Camouflage Technology

Alien Activities: Holographic Camouflage Technology

“The reality is that they (aliens) have been visiting earth for decades and probably millennia and have contributed considerably to our knowledge.”

–Paul Hellyer (Canada’s former Minister of National Defence) from an interview with the Canadian Press in 2010.

There are enough eyewitness accounts and testimonials from former military and intelligence personnel to suggest aliens not only exist, but have already visited Planet Earth. Furthermore some people ‘absolutely convinced’ that there are alien visitors already living on Earth.

Spotting aliens may seem a real fantasy episode, however, getting visual evidence of the UFOs or their secret bases are worth considering.

Mystery surrounding the Solomon Islands

Aliens are believed to have visited the Solomon Islands to acquire rare gemstones. These precious gemstones are said to be under the highly-mineralized Kimberlite base of this volcanic island.

ETs might have been interested  in the gems because of their higher specific gravity power and a refractive index. When the stone is in front of the sunlight, a mirror image forms in the center of the rock.

These stones are extremely heavy for their size. The locals of the Solomon Islands call these particular UFOs “Diamond Snakes”, and there are some old folklore stories supporting the Alien’s interest in these unique gemstones.

Camouflage methods used by aliens

Some UFO enthusiasts claim aliens may use various methods of camouflage while visiting the Earth in an attempt to maintain their secrecy.

Holographic Jungle Canopy

A man from the Solomon Islands accidentally stumbled on a fake jungle canopy during their hunting trip in the forests. He claims to have seen an advanced alien looking aircraft parked nearby. The man asserts that soon, an armed guard who was a human instructed him to turn around, forget what he saw and leave the vicinity immediately.

Alien Activities: Holographic Camouflage TechnologyEngineers are developing new technology that will build up a holographic image of objects that are hidden out of sight behind obstacles or around corners. The technology is more like something from a science fiction film, what if it is widely used by aliens?

Holographic “Sealed” Underground Tunnel

SI local went on a hunting trip in the jungle. While moving about he accidentally stumbled across a fake jungle canopy and walked straight through it. What he could see were parked advanced non-terrestrial looking aircrafts. Not a minute later he was approached by an armed guard (human) who told him to turn around, leave and forget what he saw. Of course man was very scared and obeyed the guard.

Ghost Ship

Two fishermen on a boat were in need of a lighter to light their cigarettes. They saw a small ship next to theirs and decided to seek help for a light. On approaching the ship, one of the fishermen extended his arm to grab the stern and his hand went straight through it.

Alien Activities: Holographic Camouflage TechnologyPhoto manipulation: Mother ship camouflage (Image Source)

3-D Holograms and Screen Memories

Craig G, an Information Technologist from Connecticut was driving on the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey when he noticed the top of a pine tree in the air keeping pace with his car. The pine tree kept changing shape and seemed like a bubbling swirling cloud of mercury. On clicking a snap of the bizarre looking object, the image appeared as few black pixels, and soon the UFO disappeared into the sky.

Alien Activities: Holographic Camouflage TechnologyHighly strange aerial craft moving with traffic first had the camouflage of being the top of pine tree to driver on Garden State Parkway, NJ, in 2002 before UFO morphed into bubbling “mercury” and then went straight up in the sky and disappeared. (Image Source)

“Years ago, while in a bumper to bumper traffic jam on my way to work, I was around 26 years old, ( i am now 42) my gaze lingered up and far away high in the sky were orbs lined up in a weird shape. I got out of the car, incidentally there were several other people who I noticed out of their cars staring up at this site. This was really before cell phone cameras were a thing. They were around but not on every phone. Well, as soon as traffic started moving we all hopped in our cars and went on to work like the busy woeker bees we are. This was the Paramus, New Jersey area.

Years later i saw the Betty an Barney Hill case on a tv show, it may have been Untold Mysteries or something similar and that pattern hit me. I saw the same thing but upside down. Then, today I just watched one of your enlightening videos that contained that info. So, I felt compelled to reach out.

Since that sighting, I started watching the sky whenever it fit into my day. I have seen several other UFOs.

This next one was really neat. Again in my twenties, in 2002. I was driving to work along the Garden State Parkway when all of a sudden what looked to me like the top of a large pine tree was pacing the cars in front of me, flying above the trees along the side of the highway. It was the same color and shape of the natural trees, but looked like it was composed of pine needles as well. I thought this is so strange! How is the top of a tree flying like this? I sped up to catch up and it started matching my speed. I slowed down and so did it. So, I pulled over and got out and got a clear look. It stopped as well.

It was actively, non-stop changing shape now. It was alive, bubbling like mercury and swirling. It was around 6 car lengths high up in the sky away from me, so pretty close. I remembered that this time I did have a new camera phone, looked down dug into my pocket. In my peripheral vision, I noticed other people were also pulled over and looking. I pulled out my cell camera and it was no longer where it was. It was instantaneously very far away in the sky. I did snap a pic, but it was only a few black pixels, that’s how far it shot up. I had the distinct feeling years later when thinking about it that it was alive all on it’s own.” (read more)

Cloud Camouflage

A video recently uploaded to YouTube by UFO Aliens TV channel which showed a disc-shaped object flying behind a small gap in the clouds before doing a vanishing act. The footage was shot over North America. However, no further details were received in this regard.

Alien Activities: Holographic Camouflage TechnologyMysterious UFO-shaped cloud appears above the mountains

Again, in China, thousands of people were left puzzled after they saw an alien city floating in the sky. Following the China episode, another person claims to have a footage showing a large Star Wars UFO flying behind the clouds above Peru. Another video came up showing a UFO destroying a strip of chemtrail clouds left by a plane over Paris.

However, nothing has been proved so far, make sure that you carry a thermographic camera along with your regular camera to capture any such alien encounter. Eyes can be deceiving.

source: solomongiants / earthfiles

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