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Alien Abduction: 8 True Stories To Make You Terrified Of UFOs

Alien Abduction: 8 True Stories to Make you Terrified of UFOs

If some good evidence for life after death were announced, I’d be eager to examine it; but it would have to be real scientific data, not mere anecdote. As with the face on Mars and alien abductions, better the hard truth, I say, than the comforting fantasy.

Carl Sagan

Many people have claimed they have been abducted by extraterrestrials. Brace yourself to get familiar with these true stories because they are sure to give you jitters down your spine.

1 – Abduction of Clayton & Donna Lee

The heart wrenching story of Clayton and Donna Lee claims that the aliens stole a foetus from Donna. Clayton claims that the aliens abducted him in his childhood, while he was visiting a park. Donna says that she remembers floating around the stars and darkness.

Donna claimed in one of the media outlets that she saw the aliens and they took her to a far off place in a vehicle, full of metal. The couple say that they remain petrified all the time, fearing these kind of abductions.

2 – Alien Abduction of Amy

Amy, a 22 year old girl alleges that the aliens abducted her right out of the window of her lounge room. She was with her friend Petra, who claims to witness a bright light post which, a spaceship sort of a thing lifted Amy up. Strangely, the police found Amy miles away from her house, with some weird marks on her inner thighs.

3 – Abduction of the Russian Millionaire and Politician

Believe it or not, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov claims that from his window, a spaceship kidnapped him and took him to some star. He says that he has seen and talked to the aliens. According to him, the aliens are people like us.

4 – Robert Taylor Incident

This incident does not involve alien abductions but it does involve alien encounter. According to Robert Taylor, a forestry worker in Livingston, a spaceship tried to pull him into it. He says, he fell unconscious after an alien encounter and upon gaining consciousness, he was completely out of energy and lost his voice. His dog went hysteric to an extent that it was difficult for him to control it.

5 – Travis Walton’s Abduction Story

Travis Walton, a forestry worker in Arizona, states that three men with bald head and huge eyes, interrogated him after kidnapping him. He, along with his six friends, was heading home after work one night, when they saw a blinding streak of light. Thinking it to be a plane crash, they went to the spot, but it was allegedly a spaceship.

Apparently Walton went closer to the ship, and got abducted by the aliens. His friends claim to witness Walton floating up in the ship. But, on reporting this incident to the police, they did not believe these forestry workers. Even after some gruelling rounds of interrogation, their statements did not change.

6 – Abduction from Manhattan Apartment

Linda Napolitano (Originally Linda Cortile), a Manhattan resident, describes an unbelievable episode of alien abduction. She alleges that the aliens took her from her window, inside their spaceship where she witnessed benches, tables and sliding doors. Strangely, her story supports the claims made by two bodyguards of the United Nations.

7 – Bizarre Visitation of Real Life Men in Black

Robert Richardson supposedly had an encounter with two men who instantly vanished the moment he wanted to inspect them. What the men let behind was a piece of metal, which Richardson took home with him. He alleges that after three days, the men suddenly reappeared at his house to ask for the metal, which Richardson had sent to the lab for analysis. After asking them to leave, he never saw them again.

8 – Betty and Barney Hill Abduction

Betty and Barney claim that they witnessed a UFO while driving back to home from a vacation. Barney alleges that he saw people inside the spaceship with the help of his binoculars. They allege of alien encounters in their dreams.  Their claims are that the aliens examined their bodies and tried to wipe their minds completely.

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